Time to Myself

Off all this week.  I don' t have to work until  Wednesday, Jan. 2nd.  It is raining outside as I write.

I am so relieved that Christmas Day has come & gone.  I am basking in the timeless, "unscheduled" gap between Christmas and New Year's Day, what I call the "intercalary days"., though they are not strictly so.

It is  1:12 a.m., and it's raining harder now. 


"Cozy" Holiday Mysteries

It's my turn to do a book display for the next two weeks.  Christmas-themed mysteries are an easy choice.  There are a lot of them, and light mysteries offer a welcome escape from the pressures of the season.  This year I used the extensive list at Cozy-Mystery.com .

The Cozy Mystery Blog asked readers for their favorite Christmas or Hanukkah Cozies, and Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod got the most recommendations.  Says Deb, "All of the Shandy mysteries are hilarious, but this is the best. If you’ve ever groaned at over-the-top Christmas house decorations, you’ll really appreciate this!"