Reference Workroom, Then and Now

We were talking about a slogan that one heard during the recession of 2008 and after, "doing more with less".  I said, jokingly, that we ended up doing less with less, but in a way it's true.  The agent of change was not so much lean times, but automation:  of acquisitions, (ipage), of reference transactions, (Google, etcetera), of interlibrary loan, (ILLiad).  Our workroom bears a kind of witness to these changes.



Workroom annex, built 2003?
Where did all the paper go?


St. Augustine Branch 2009: Before Cascades Park

I took these photos five years ago.  Now that the area has been completely remade into Cascades Park, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back.

The rest of these were taken through a chain-link fence.


More Walks

The weather has been gorgeous.  Highs in the '60s, lows at night in the '30s, clear and sunny.

My street, Sarasota Drive, looking east.
Alban Avenue
Camellias are blooming       
This little mid-century modern on Maple Drive is a favorite of ours.  It's behind our house.
A saucer magnolia.  Spring is a long way off, but the dogwoods and redbuds are already blooming as well.
Holly trees are heavy with fruit.
Chapman Pond was busy with Hooded Mergansers and Canada geese.