Asian Crime Fiction

Here is a book list I put together for a display.  I don't much care for Scandinavian crime, but it has been credited with encouraging the growth of international crime fiction in English.  These books have Asian characters or Asian settings or both.  I include only books that our library owns, but the list might be of use to librarians, or as a reading checklist.  Where only the series name is given, see Fantastic Fiction for titles.  The image, which I borrowed from Grand Theft Auto, was used on my display poster, with the brushstroke font Bonzai.

Brackman, Lisa
    Rock Paper Tiger
    Hour of the Rat
Browne, Marshall
    Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn
Burdett, John
    Bangkok series
Chandra, Vikram
    Sacred Games
Chang, Henry
    Detective Jack Yu series
Cotterill, Colin
    Dr. Siri series
    Jimm Juree series
Flint, Shamini
    Inspector Singh series
Higashino, Keigo
    The Devotion of Suspect X
    Salvation of a Saint
Hirahara, Naomi
    Mas Arai series
    Murder in Bamboo Lane
Isaka, Kotaro
    Remote Control
Keating, H.R.F.
    Inspector Ghote series
Kirino, Natsuo
    Real World
Lancet, Barry
    Tokyo Kill
Lee, Don
    Country of Origin
Lewis, Simon
    Bad Traffic
Liang, Diane Wei
    Mei Wang mysteries
Limon, Martin
    SueƱo and Bascomb Investigations
Marshall, William
    Yellowthread Street
Miyabe, Miyuki
    Shadow Family
    All She Was Worth
Pattison, Eliot
    Inspector Shan series
Peace, David
    Tokyo Year Zero
    Occupied City
Qiu, Xiaolong
    Inspector Chen series
Robinson, Thatcher
    White Ginger
    Black Karma
Rozan, S.J.
    Lydia Chin series
Shimada, Soji
    The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
Swarup, Vikas
    Six Suspects
Vittachi, Nury
    The Feng Shui Detective