What I Will Be Looking At

This is what the new arrangement looked like at the end of Friday.  They are supposed to be done by Monday the 22nd.  Those are magazine racks at the far end.  The public-access Internet workstations have largely taken over the old sleep.. um, reading area with upholstered chairs and low tables.  Our loungers and readers must move on to other spaces.

It looks rather daunting, but we will have help from the Tech/Media folks downstairs for Internet sign-up, since we have gained most of their  workstations.  The media collection, CD's, DVD's, and a dwindling collection of books on audiocassette and VHS videos, will benefit enormously from the extra space.

It is a stripped-down, rationalized public-access computing we will be offering now.  The Pano-Logic Zero Client stations offer ports for USB devices and head-phones only; no drives for DVD's, CD's or floppy-disks.  The installation of executable files will be blocked, so you won't be able to install iTunes or file-sharing programs.  And then in May we will be going to pay-for-print, which most other public libraries already have, and which I expect will reduce our door-count significantly.

This renovation has been talked about for 10 years or so, and here it is.  It is going to be a lot better than what we've been living with for so long.  It will be what we have when I retire in the not-so-distant future.

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