Public-Access Computing Back Online

We were all nervous this morning before opening. We needn't have worried.  The few glitches were minor.  The technical crew wrapped up the project as though it had been easy.  It was in fact an impressive accomplishment.  By mid-morning all was smooth & serene.

You can see the new print station on the right.  For now, printing is still free, while users see what their jobs "would cost", and will, as of May 10.  The mere addition of a few steps to go through to print, even without charging, seemed to cut down on printing today.  Users have to preview their jobs before sending them to the printer, and then release their jobs at the printer station by putting in their library card or guest pass numbers.

It has been decided to make the Gates Computer Lab downstairs a quiet zone, with no sound available on the terminals   Sound ports will only be provided for the upstairs workstations.

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