Three Little Words

 Anyone remember Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)?  The film's catchy title spawned  a great number of similar titles  and headlines.  I wondered whether Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love might be doing the same when I took a request for Eat, Move, Sleep, a self-help book by Tom Rath.  It hasn't caught fire like SL&V, lacking the salacious appeal of the film title, but I found a few.

Eat, Pray, Love has an improving, new-age sound:  Three Steps to a New You.  So do its imitators, saving the last one, Drink, Play, F@#k, which appears to be a gonzo take on EPL from a "guy's" point of view.

Eat! Move! Play!: A Parent's Guidefor Raising Healthy, Happy Kids by Weight Watchers 

Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath 

Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living by Thomas Yarema, et al. 

Work, Love, Pray: Practical Wisdom for Young Professional Christian Women and Those Who Want to Understand Them by Diane Paddison 

Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man's Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand by Andrew Gottlieb

I'll add more titles if I run across any.

Interesting post and comments at CHE's Lingua Franca blog on the origin of the word, "dude".
it seems almost certain that “dude” derived from “doodle,” as in “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”... For some reason, early in 1883, this inspired someone to call foppish young men of New York City “doods,” with the alternate spelling “dudes” soon becoming the norm.
 I always associated the word with surfers, later with headbangers and stoners.