Blogging Reference, Friday Morning

10:00 a.m.: Doors open.

Man wonders where his PC is.

Man wonders whether "Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles", by Don Felder, has come back in.

Woman looking for her daughter at a PC. "I thought they said the third floor!"

Phones quiet. Steady rain outside.

Two boys want PC's. Library cards? "I left it at home." "I didn't know I would be coming to the library"

E-mail from Ronda wondering about the Tefellin we saw Hasidic Jews putting on men at the Stock Exchange.

PC-Reservation says woman has already used card twice. Make her a reservation.

Regular comes for today's paper.

"I want to find out about the best biography of Lyndon Johnson". Robert Caro, Doris Kearns Goodwin. He takes Goodwin.

11:00 a.m.: Time to "rove".

"Is there a special section for books on travel? I want to find books on Geneva, Zurich, Berlin". I rise to take him, but, "Just give me a number". 914.

Today's paper. "Someone's got it. Will you be sitting over there? I'll come find you."

Mrs. Rounds calls from Georgia Bell Dickinson Apartments to check on her reserves. "It's cawled The Gatehouse, but ah don't ruhmembuh the authuh. Ah've had it own resuhve faw a long, long tahm."

Mike stops by to talk about Vollman's theory of violence, Iraq, right-wing extremism if Obama gets elected. Feelings running high everywhere, it seems.

Two wet old men want a PC.

Do we have change for the copier?

Another man holding a copy of Scientific American asks where the copier is.

A PC for Jamone.

PC for Tyrone.

Another e-mail from Ronda, asking about Hasidic sidecurls or "payot".

Man wants help writing a motion for a criminal case. Show him Florida Rules of Court, tell him about FSU Law Library.

12:00: Lunch

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