Blogging Reference: Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009

(Note: The library got slammed today. Very, very busy, in spite of an FSU-Duke basketball home game at 2 and a pro football playoff game on TV. Parts of this were entered from memory during lulls, and this evening prior to posting.)

10:00 Doors open.

Working with DL today.

Connie at Northeast Branch w/ ILL renewal. Send, leave request on JR's desk.

PC for John.
PC for Ralph.
PC for Chris.

Phone: Giants, by John Stauffer, The Wild Places, by Robert Macfarlane, and The Lady of the Lake, by Sir Walter Scott. Scott not on shelf? Will call if can't find.

Man upset that the old 2008 Scott stamp catalogs not available for checkout yet. Offer him CH's number to call on Mon.

Found Scott's LOTL. No spine label, does not match pub. info in title record. It is a flexible, pocket "souvenir edition", Collins, 1959, bound in black & white tartan cloth, title and kilted highlander w/ drawn sword stamped in silver on front cover.

Man through w/PC. "Hey I appreciate it dude." to me.

PC for Xavier.

Boy wants Kennedy "ask not" and "moon" speeches, info on Ted Sorensen, JFK speech writer. Can't find Sorenson's Special Counsel to the President on shelf.

Tax forms? Not til Feb. All online at irs.gov.

Info on St. Stephen protomartyr for lady's bible college theology class. Cath Ency.

PC for Demarte.

Democrat on microfilm, family member's basketball games in early '80's. Unclear on dates. No go.

Copy Cath Ency entry on Stephen for lady.

Boy's mom puts hold on Sorensen. Their surname is Sorensen. Ted Sorenson is boy's great uncle or something.

Phone: Child Called It on audio.

Eric Jerome Dickey paperbacks. Put Sister, Sister on hold.

Call Me Ted, by Ted Turner, Men are Stupid. . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery by Joan Rivers. Don't own Rivers yet, take manual request.

12:00 Lunch. Tuna sandwich, Pepsi, Rotter's Club on Park Ave. bench. Point Brit tourists to Mus. of Fla. Hist.

12:30 Back. DL to lunch.

Phone: Ophelia wants Shameless, by Vonetta Pierce. No. Someone Else's Puddin', by Samuel Hair. Yes, hold. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, by Steve Harvey. Is new. No, take manual request.

Coloring sheets? Send little girl down to Children's.

Where to read docs on floppy? Suggest Word Proc. Lab.

PC for Danielle.

His PC rebooted, help resume session.

1:00 DL back. Down to Media to relieve SJ.

2:00 Back.

Make round of floor. Shoo pinball playing man off catalog PC. No sleepers. Suit takes book from my medieval mysteries display.

Phone: Social Security Death Index lookup.

Nearest laundromat.

PC for Marvin.

Laundromat guy wants PC, but very cagey. Doesn't want to give me a name, but finally says "Max". Won't approach to get reservation slip. Leaves out Park Ave. doors.

Woman says card doesn't work at reservation station. Has already had limit of 2 sessions.

Outliers, Wishful Drinking, When You Are Engulfed in Flames. 1st two have waiting lists, doesn't want. Engulfed on cart in check-in room.

PC for Michael.

PC for Misha.

Toner for printer.

PC for A...


PC... 45 min. wait.

Paper for printer.

Books about C. S. Lewis.

Phone: Reverse lookup. 765 exchange not in directory.

PC for Charles.

Invisible Monsters, Fight Club.

Is meeting here? Dean's Social Group at 3:00. Take couple to elevator. Prob. retired FAMU faculty.

Charles getting no sound on #54. Give him other PC.

Freestone Wilson waves on way to PC.

Where are inspirational books? Wants Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now. Take to shelf.

Return ID for City Directory & Tall. atlas.

PC for Mary.

Phone: DVD of Autobiography of Jane Pittman. At branch, he'll get it there.

3:20 Quiet.

Power of attorney forms.

Phone: Advice on selecting ISP and buying PC.

List of children's book. Downstairs. Reserve Lion's Paw by Robb White.

Paper for printer.

Lady picks up Obama book.

Phone: Secret Life of Bees. YA copy in Children's. Transfer call.

Secret Life of Bees again. Copies in Bookmobile. Key from MD, down to basement. Look everywhere, can't find. Ask St. Tony for help. Find.

Books on psychology and physiology. Take to shelf.

4:50 Shutting down PC's, picking up paper, stray materials.

5 min. warning.

5:00 Closed for the day.

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