Blogging Reference: Saturday, Feb. 21

Frosty, bright morning. Working with MF today, CH is supervisor of the day.

I have a feeling we'll not be as busy as we've been on Saturdays lately. We'll see.

Ever since that lady asked about dancing mermaids, Clapton, Bruce and Baker have been rocking my brain with Tales of Brave Ulysses.

You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever,
But you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun.
Yes, it was just what I needed.

Weird. Everything works this morning. No broken equipment or hosed PC's. Knock on wood.

9:49 Have to get a display up. Mitford readalikes, I think. Been parking titles on this list for about 6 mos. Enough to start with. What to call it. Carry Me Home, maybe? I remember an old lady in a senior residence saying to me with great longing that she wished she could go live in Mitford.

10:00 Open

Today's paper.

Phone: Going Up the River: travels in a prison nation, by Joseph Hallinan. She'll get the copy at the Perry branch.

Where is childrens' program?

Check on poss. bather in mens' room. Only brushing teeth.

Childrens' program.

Ask DT in Youth Services what's on. School writing contest awards program.

10:18 Only 8 PC's in use. Quiet.

Shel comes off the stairs. Gets drink of water. Gets PC. Garnet & gold Seminoles hat & windbreaker.

10:52 Back from pulling books for display. Still quiet. M. is sorting the mail.

Phone: Living with Cerebral Palsy by Hocutt. No. She's frustrated, looking for memoir of living with a disability. Explain how to find them. Catalog KW search memoir and disability. Not much. KW search memoir and disease. Lots. Read off titles. Suggest play with KW's and add "bibliography" in Google to find lists.

Phone: Childrens' book. Transfer to YS.

Returns paper.

Making poster for display.

Phone: IRS form 8917, Tuition and Fees Deduction. No, can get from irs.gov. He had forgotten, thanks me.

Halsey's Typhoon : the true story of a fighting admiral, an epic storm, and an untold rescue. He didn't see on shelf. Check shelving cart. Find in checkin room.

Woman praises Rabby's The Pain and the Promise: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Tallahassee, Florida. Was perfect for her son's report.

Puzzled woman. Is PC ready for her to use? Yes.

Desi mom, dad, son want books on .NET programming. Title at Parkway branch appeals. They'll go there. Tell them about ILL.

PC for Molly.

PC for Leon.

Books on alligators. Take to shelf.

ESOL classes? No one in Lit. Ofc. Print out brochure from ACE-Leon.

Biographies of Charles Drew, Pioneer of Blood Plasma. Take to shelf.

12:05 Lunch

12:35 Back in a hurry to answer call.

Phone: Two "bestselling memwahs". Select & she'll pick up later. Do the interview. What kind? Doesn't understand. Political, show biz, sports? Writing instructor told her to read memoirs to help her write her own. All right ma'am, will do.

Three black girls, all wearing grey & white striped hoodies with cartoon faces on left breast: Muppet, Mickey Mouse. Oh dear, a little scared to ask me, but approach as group. Lead girl asks softly if they can have computers.

PC for Adrianna, help other girl get PC with card. Shoo man out of her chair. Third girl sits w Adrianna.

Phone: ILL renewal req. for Fallen stars, Bitter Waters by Gilbert Morris.

Gives me book request cards. "No hurry."

Rules of Court

Returns paper.

Ruled notebook paper.

Deputy Bill, "Beautiful day, too bad we're here!" Wants to visit, but I'm too busy.

Phone: "What age do you hire?" 18. "Ok bye."

Copier help.

Reposition Yourself: living life without limits by Jakes. Our copy out. Place hold, show resumé books.

Returns Rules of Court.

Phone: Toll-free number for GMAC Bank.

PC for Daniel.

Consumer Reports magazine.

Phone: S. in media wants break. CH was scheduled. Is not here? Oh, MD is super. She'll try Circ. M. is back, I'll come if no luck there.

1:15 (What kind of graphic for poster. Rocking chair?)

PC for Mike.

Where is tax help?

Old maps to show schoolchildren. Looked in 912, but didn't know to check Cartography in 526. We fill up her bag.

Where is PC 51?

Paper for copier.

Feed problem w printer.

"Where is your copy machine?" Has Consumer Reports mags.

Woman says Mary is holding books for her. Send her to Childrens'.

Where are audio books?

PC for Willie.

Where is Young Adult Fiction?

Woman thinks car towed. Talks to Deputy.

2:55 (Poster finished, putting out display.)

Do we charge for copies? Where is copier?

Where are books in Spanish?

PC for Sam.

Help with copier.

Return Black History ref. book to Childrens', check on S. in Media. Yes, J. gave her a break.

Finished with display. Already made a "sale".

Help make enlarged copy of photo of Marian Anderson.

Woman looked some more, found car. Tell Deputy.

Remembered the "memwahs" I said I would pick out. Hmm.. Jill Ker Conway's Road to Coorain, Poitier's The Measure of a Man, Patricia Gaines's Laughing in the Dark.

3:40 M. says she feels like it should be 5:00. It's quiet. The tide of people and need has has gone out, and we feel how drained we are.

Out for smoke. Hear Bob Marley, dead these 28 years, wailing a sad song far off. Guiltiness, sounds like.

Help man get PC.

Number for US DOJ.


Phone: Out of Control and Loving It by Lisa Bevere. Don't own, ILL? No, what about How to Start a School? No. Thanks me.

"I want to get Meestah Obama nombah. I want to go to Washington, but ees too cole. I weht 'til the ice gone." (laughs)

USB port on LCD monitor doesn't work. Get him plugged into one on back of PC.

Phone: CD audio book of Kinch by Matthew Braun, for delivery at Parkway branch. Place hold, update patron record.

Pressed on my conscience.
Oh yeah.

Final flurry. Can't even remember what they were.


Journal articles on WWI chemical warfare. Sorry, try Strozier at FSU.

5:00 Closed

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