Blogging Reference: Saturday, April 25, 2009

Working w Susan E. today.

Savannah holly trees at the Park Ave. entrance are in bloom. Tiny white flowers.

Woman e-mails that she can't find the "PenPals" page. Asking her to elaborate, turns out she means our FAN Club, (Favorite Author Notification), program.

10:00 Open.

PC for Ronald, who can't get a card because he lives at the Shelter.

Help two other men type in their card numbers to get sessions.

Woman doesn't want to wait for copier to warm up. Can I credit her dollar to the other copier? No, it'll just be a second. God in heaven.

Phone: SJ in Media confirms we're to relieve her for lunch.

10:36 Quiet. Susan goes to do a little shelving in fiction, which is terribly backed up.

Clicking of keyboards, hum of machines.

Anything on Frederick Douglas and Aaron Douglas? FD on shelf in Biographies. Both copies of Aaron Douglas : art, race, and the Harlem Renaissance lost, but find profile in Contemporary Black Biography. Help her make copy.

More in Sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury? No, she's read them all.

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child. Place hold.

Summer Youth Workers question. Give HR Job Line.

ASVAB test prep. Show Learning Express program, take ID for book.

The Kill by Allison Brennan and Since You've Been Gone by Carlene Thompson. Find on PB carousels.

Can get PC to print off the Internet?

Show woman how to paste resumé into web form.

PC for José.

Freestone wants to talk about the outbreak of influenza in Mexico. Observes that the healthy are more in danger, and that a widespread quarantine could be the final death blow to the economy.

Phone: Things Fall Apart. On shelf in YA Fiction, transfer to YS.

PC for Karen.

Few nibbles, but no bites for my Florida Faves display. Change out some titles. Tales from Margaritaville has sat untouched all week. Likewise Connie May Fowler's River of Hidden Dreams.

Find myself again wondering what happened to Sam Harrison, who penned two fine novels, Walls of Blue Coquina and Birdsong Ascending in the early '90's, and then vanished.

11:55 Lunch.

12:25 Back. Susan hands off Commissioner P. to me. Wants info on impact to county of university budget cuts.

Rat terrier book. Don't own.

Daughter of York by Ann Easter Smith. Should be OS.

Blossom by Queen Pen. No.

ESOL tutor wants room opened. Call super.

PC for Jarel

PC for Michael

Phone: ILL renewal request for Drawing Near by John Bevere.

The Omega Code. Don't own.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment by Steve Harvey. About 20 copies, 89 outstanding holds. Never mind, she says. This is the runaway No. 1 pop-psych hit of the season.

PC for Phillip.

PC for Pauley. (?)

Browser won't print. Printer prints error msg. Turn off & on. Prints job.

PC for Jean

Help w copier

Primary sources on Southeastern Indians.

LSAT test prep.

Old lady w blond wig wants book on Manx cat. "He only eats real tuna. He won't eat cat food tuna. Why can't I have a cheap cat?"

Both phones ringing back at desk. Put one on hold and answer other: Customer service number for CreditOne bank.

2:05 Susan back from Media, out for smoke.

PC for Zenobia.

Why is someone on his computer? Has 15 min. wait.

PC for Fashon.

Man tells me he's gotten position at FAMU library. Had recently moved here and asked if we had anything open. Where's Holocaust exhibit? He missed it, sorry. Opines that there is more to being Jewish than the Holocaust. Is he Jewish? No, but he has known some. Says Holocaust has become an industry.

Zenobia cancels her reservation. Used stand-up PC.

Books on scholarships.

PC for Dwayne.

Susan updating reference information binders. Yes PowerFinder and American Business Disk gone from Dell PC at desk. Couldn't update when ReferenceUSA sub ran out.

Where is womens' bathroom?

Security alarm. Pass him through.

2:45 Quiet.

Help w microfilm viewer.

PC for Larry.

Paper for printer.

Can scan something? No, sorry.

Phone: Number for Mike's Pawn Shop.

PC for Colson.

PC for Takoya.

Ronald may not have another session without a library card, sorry.

Where are typewriters?

Help her upload attachment from her laptop.

Bathrooms up here?

Woman wants to search newspaper microfilm for 1951. Looking for story on Leon High baseball team.

Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews. Turned in yesterday, so not on shelf. She doesn't want me to hunt for it. I say ok, but do it anyway. Find in Circulation Workroom on truck. She's thrilled. Just like my dear old mother, God rest her soul, I know her type. Have to force her to let you make her happy.

Help woman start session.

Brings back paper for ID.

Where are math books?

What are flowering trees at entrance? Ligustrums.

Help printing microfilm article.


Where is number 63 at?

Ligustrum woman pleased to know that our county named after the explorer, Juan Ponce de León. Is quite senior, but charming, w pretty, 50-ish daughter. Where is art museum? Susan gives map to Brogan Museum, and I tell them about LeMoyne.

Phone: Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand : a novel of Adam and Eve by Gioconda Belli. Is checked out. "Oh crud!", she says. Place hold for delivery to the Northeast Branch.

4:30 announcement.

PC's for Olivia, Shonte and Jasmine.

Turning off Catalog PC's.

Phone: Can get in to NetLibrary at work, but gets error message at home. We are almost closed, can she call back on Monday and ask for DF?


frog said...

Greetings from Saigon to Freestone.

Brett said...

I will pass on your greeting to Freestone Wilson, Frank.