Blogging Reference: Saturday, May 16, 2009

9:55 Working with Janine this a.m.

Cleaned hand-sludge out of old mechanical mouse at 15 min. stand-up PC. Ball was gross, wiped with desk cleaner & paper towel.

Pulled 10 excess lease copies of The Associate off the new book browsing shelves to return.

10:00 Open the doors.

Mr. Landers takes paper, asks about ILL, The Man From Laramie. J. checks, has been shipped. Had been very few holdings. Shipped 4/30, should have been here by now.

PC for Ronald.

Don't have to relieve Media for lunch anymore. New hire is there today. Yay.

Mr. Landers returns paper, heads for bathroom.

She left card at home, can check out books? Yes, with picture ID. Alas, she left entire wallet at home.

Do we have college textbooks? Not as rule. Introduction to Networking? No, sorry.

Freestone frustrated with old PC's up here. Can't handle his game downloads. Give him newer PC in the lab.

Phone: Kumar can't get into NetLibrary. Talk him through to right log in page. Success.

Young man with camera, poss. German but very good English, asks where the Chamber of Commerce is. Take him outside and show him, (next door). Is open? Probably not on Sat. Shakes my hand. Chamber is in one of the oldest houses in Tallahassee. Built in 1830, The Columns was town house of planter Benjamin Chaires. First location of this library in 1957. Moved 2 blocks in '70's to allow for construction of First Baptist's Christian Life Center.

Literacy women need resource room opened. Call super.

Make round. Fat kid in usual carrel back of non-fiction playing games on laptop. "Brad Pitt" in quiet area in back of Fiction w/ laptop. Swear he looks just like him w long hair & beard. Check shelf for next Aubrey/Maturin novel, Desolation Island. Hmm, not on shelf. Someone has moved typewriter, to plug in laptop, prob. Put it back.

Winslow Homer. Uses Homer's Fla. pictures as cover art for his books. Take to shelf. "Dude, thanks!"


DSM-IV. Circulating copy missing, as I knew it would be soon when we ordered it last summer. $89.00 book and we only got 5 circs out of it. Take card for desk copy.

PC for Richard.

Today's paper.

Phone: An Unquiet Mind by Kay R. Jamison. On shelf, put on hold.

1040EZ & booklet. Fetch from storeroom.

Help man adjust LCD height.

Dime for nickel & five pennies.

LCD man needs sound. He got the lemon PC w no front sound port. Move him to another.

11:32 Thunder & rain. Morning rush over. Quiet.

Latravia accidentally closed her session. Another.

Phone: Biography Woman wants DOB and DOD for Liberace.

Where is romance section?

PC is freezing up, give her another.

Phone: Fathers' Rights by Gross. No. Reserve Child Custody, Visitation and Support in Florida for PKY pickup.

New intern Lindsay. Show her locker to stow bag.

Clipjoint by Wilhelmina Baird. Take to shelf.

12:47 Back from lunch. A half-dozen white men from the Shelter are passing the time on the steps of the gazebo in the park. All the benches are wet from the rain. One old greybeard, with a deep, booming voice, is their leader, the Hobo King, as it were. He is a droll fellow. He makes observations with a deadpan delivery, but seems always to be enjoying a joke. I passed them the other day to find a bench to read and smoke, and waved. I heard him say, "He's heading for the shade."

Today's paper.


Today's paper. Sorry, it's out, shall I find him when it comes back? "Naa. If ah don't git it, ah haven't missed much."


Paper comes back, find man.

1:58 An hour of pandemonium.

Phone: how to spell "Moulin Rouge".

I was trying to find some route planning help for a man who is riding his bicycle to North Carolina, but after much effort, I had to give it up. None of the route mapping tools offered suggestions as to the best route. They were all Google Map adaptations that let you place your own waypoints and such. Plenty of "scenic routes" out there, but no AAA-style guide for best roads to anywhere for bike riders. If I am wrong, please send me a link.

A woman wanted print documentation for Florida DCF. Docs online too long to print out. Could only offer the Fla. Statutes, but she seemed happy with the index.

Where to get card?

Tallahassee phone book.

Can check out a couple of DVD's up here? No, sorry.

Can have guest pass for PC on first floor? Can't promise it. Need card to customize session. Ask downstairs.


Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat, by Nevada Barr. Take to shelf.

Do we have other copy of FTCE test prep book? Is using friend's library copy, but is hold on it. We have 3 copies and 4 reserves. Sorry, her friend will have to turn it in. Put her on list.

Where is elevator?

Try to help woman print cover letter from job site so it doesn't have a box around it. In-page print button doesn't work. Some Active-X control wants to install, so I let it, but no help. Try pasting into Word. Box remains. I give up.

Phone: is Brenda, who greets me warmly. Who is she? Says she is finishing school. How to spell "what's" and "learned". Oh, yes, Brenda who used to be an unsatisfactory receptionist here around 1991, when we had a receptionist.

Paper for printer.

See PC turned off, turn it on.

PC for Paulinas.

Straighten reading area.

His reservation doesn't work. Has expired, but PC is "available". Quickly get one of our dummy cards & enter number to start session before it's assigned to someone else.

2009 Guinness World Records. Take to shelf.

Water snapdragons on first-floor landing.


Obit. lookup. Don't find on microfilm. Check Fla. Death Index, DOD is correct. Not buried in any city-owned cemetery.

4:30 30 min. announcement.

Phone: address for Julian Bond.

Wants to know how holds work.

PC for Jessica. Doesn't want when I tell her we're closing at 5:00.

Count cash drawer.

15 min. announcement

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Steerforth said...

In a survey, library work was listed as one of the least stressful jobs. But having worked in a library myself, your post sounds horribly familiar.