First TV Netbook Commercial

HP netbook with Windows XP Home for $199.99 with purchase of Verizon Wireless plan. Seen on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Not that I would buy it.

I'm beginning to see that "cloud computing" isn't quite ready for prime time. I run into it all the time. Users think their public-access PC is broken, when it is the site they are accessing that is the problem. Commenters on a YouTube review of this product complain that it has XP and not Vista, that it has limited storage, that it's slow, as a device of this type will be with Windows. This is still something of a bastard appliance.

The solid-state netbook is made for Linux. HP offers a netbook mini with Linux for $279, without a command-line interface, with a Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client. I say lose the e-mail client, get used to web mail with a netbook. Browser only, forget storage.

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