Blogging Reference: Saturday, June 6

Working with Janine this morning. It's her last Saturday, she's retiring at the end of June, alas...

Looks like more rain,


10:00 Open.

Campgrounds in Asheville, NC.

Turned up a trophy in the donations, Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fischer. I was pleased to add a donated paperback copy of this to the collection in 2003. It's circulated 36 times. Was rebound in '07, so it now has a stout set of covers, and won't need replacing for years. Still, I hate to throw this one back. Maybe it's a sign I should leave off sea-roving with Jack Aubrey and set myself to read it.

TCC study group applies to use the Henderson Room on the fly.

Where can return books on cassette?

Saw talk in an April issue of Public Libraries that Ebony and Jet may go the way of PC Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and U.S. News & World Report, dropping their print editions entirely. Hasn't happened yet, but I found an interesting discussion about them as cultural institutions: Should black folks save Ebony and Jet magazine?

Help a couple of men start their PC sessions.

Basquiat. Exhibition catalog and biography both missing.

Where is PC?


Idea for sculpture based on The Thinker, "The Browsers". Rows of silent users, leaning forward, chins on palms, gazing at screens.

Start to make round, but J. wants to go instead, check on patron in Art section.

Your basic retired professor in Tilley hat returns ILL, 13 Things That Don't Make Sense: the most baffling scientific mysteries of our time by Michael Brooks. Has other arrived, Science at the edge : conversations with the leading scientific thinkers of today by John Brockman? Yes. Thanks me with smile.

Make round. Man looking for book he turned in. Warn woman using catalog PC for homework.

Help man find Table Tools Design Tab in Word. Is Word 2007 feature. Our PC's have Word 2002, Table Styles is different.

Where is PC 48?

African woman w turban wants books on aging.

Phone: It's Lee, wanting listing for Tallahassee Health Associates in Montgomery AL.

Yesterday's and today's papers.

1:02 Back from lunch, have made round. Our volunteer L. is here, training with us in reference.

J. goes to lunch.

Phone: The Negro by DuBois. Copy NOS. Have at Ft. Braden branch. She'll drive out there. Mark copy missing.

Road atlas.

PC for Brown.

Security alarm. Pass her through.

Trying to show L. Amer. Heritage Dict & Columbia Ency. at Bartleby but they appear to be gone! Disturbing. I used them a lot. Columbia Ency. has moved to InfoPlease.

Returns road atlas.

Phone: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Picoult is very popular among young women, and now this one has been made into a movie. 8 copies, 12 outstanding holds. She'll buy it.

PC for Javon. Takes short session. 25 min. wait for full session.

Says keyboard doesn't work, but when I walk over, it works.

J. makes round.


Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton.

Eager smiling Asian children, brother and sister, come off the stairs to find their PC.

Man taking long drink from water fountain. At last, his thirst is slaked.

Look over at printer to see the last of about 400 pages of a math textbook come out. No one claims it. Looks like they took the first 100 pages or so. Printer needs toner as well. Show L. where paper is, how to fan, difference between felt and wire sides of paper.

Can leave bag while in rest room? Yes.

Explain eBay to girl.

Show Spanish fiction.

ILL renewal. Pass her to J.

Out for smoke. Sun & clouds, very humid. Left foot is sore.

2:57 L. leaves at 3:00. So good to have her.

3:16 Crazy busy. Show sorority to conf. room, chase man out. No, he may not take comfy chair out of room.

Show databases for outpatient substance abuse research.

Hepatitis C. Give Merck Home Manual.

GRE test prep. Our copy lacks CD. Show Learning Express online. Call Ft. Braden, their copy has CD. Place hold.

Caribbean man. Usually see on Thurs. night, when he comes in for a week's DVD's. Says he is going to get some food.

Directions to Strozier Library at FSU.

Where is bathroom?


Regional wage differences by occupation. Bureau of Labor Statistics, of course, but he finds BLS site overwhelming. J. finds www.cbsalary.com Salary Calculator and Wage Finder. Nice.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. Wants hardback. Place copy level hold.

PC for Jason. 20 min. wait for a 20 min. session, (we close at 5). He'll wait for a 15 min. stand-up PC.

4:30 PC's are booked 'til closing.

Count money.

Phone: Books by theologian Richard Bube. Gets going about Bonhoeffer, who he thinks was Jewish. Have to cut him short. No, can ILL. Go to Request Materials and fill out web form for each title.

Where is electric guitar book? Take to shelf.

Finish money.

Article from Democrat ten years ago. Show NewsBank. (The Tallahassee Democrat will be moving to ProQuest with other Gannett papers).

Phone: Nobody there, just Muzak. Hang up.

15 min. announcement.

Turn off PC's.

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