Look, PoMo!

It was my turn to make a book display for June. I had been socking titles away for a PoMo display for some time.

Frederick Barthelme said in a recent interview that the Post-Modernist project is pretty much dead. Yet many PoMo classics remain on AP English summer reading lists: Catch 22, Slaughterhouse 5, In Cold Blood, Gravity's Rainbow. I was unable to find copies of these on the shelf for the display.

David Foster Wallace has become a PoMo martyr, having killed himself last year. But his Infinite Jest and The Broom of the System are also always checked out. I was happy to find his final work, Oblivion.

Also shown: Auster, Doctorow, Rushdie, Irving, Delillo, Eco, McElroy, Barth.

"PoMo" on the poster uses Orange Clock, a typeface based on the film poster by Bill Gold for A Clockwork Orange.

I had thought about using Lichtenstein's Blam, but I decided that it would be too obscure, and that a Marilyn by Warhol would work better.

"The Postmodern Novel" I set in Urania Czech, a type taken from an old typewriter.


frog said...

I don't know much about po-mo but I know what I like... and that includes most of those guys!

Brett said...

Glad you like! I have enjoyed Delillo, Eco, Wallace. I find some of the others, Pynchon, Rushdie, over my head. Frederick Barthelme's post-Katrina novel, "Waveland", is in my to-read pile now.