A Prophecy from Freestone About the End Times

I like very much this piece by Freestone.

"what I will intend to do, for the next few years that I am permitted to live here, is to *try* to not be "negative" and get caught up into people's reactivities around me and where I then re-pass this anger back out as some imagination about, like, "oh a volcano will erupt and take out such-and-such city"! or even just to get angry with these people, where this anger is not my own, if i make it my own, i add to the collective problem."

A vision of Divine Mercy.


Carol C. said...

Excellent intention, and timely because I'm right in the middle of reacting to someone else's anger!

Brett said...

I think that free-floating anger is much worse now with the non-stop news-cycle and the certainty of finding a "community" that shares your grievance online.

One of my favorite Catholic things is lighting a candle for someone, though I suppose anyone can do it. When I take my turn at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday nights, and I have been angry with someone, I will light a candle for them.

mamapajama said...

I have always thought the lighting of candles is a beautiful thing. It's peaceful, yet releases emotions. One of those things I wish Baptists would do...never gonna happen! Being aware and recognizing negativity is really important, because it's easy to jump on the bandwagon.