Blogging Reference: Saturday, August 29

The long summer hiatus is over. The children are back in school. The college students are back in town.

10:00 Open. Working with M. today. Let's see how this goes. Don't think I'm up to putting everything down today.

Completed summer Baker & Taylor lease book returns this week. 47 cartons are ready for pick-up down in the garage. Taking a final look at the inventory list to mark off titles to keep.

Check out large print copy of Web of Dreams by V.C. Andrews to mending. Loose pages.

PC for Sorrell.

D. calls, can get money for cash drawer. Get money.

D. calls again. A's called in sick, needs us to cover her lunch at 12:30 at Media desk.

10:20 11 PC's in use.

Results for Texas Lottery Mega Millions drawing on 4/28/09. His ticket has not a single match. Interesting, jackpot was 181 million, but payout was only 55+ million.

Korean woman wants to apply for English tutor, but no one in Literacy office. Give brochure, tell her come back on Monday.

PC for Daniel.

Set woman up with microfilm.

Man liked Kurlansky's Salt: A World History, Cod: a Biography of the Fish that Changed the World, and The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell, wants recommendation. Likes history, but it must "read good". Suggest Nathaniel Philbrick, In the Heart of the Sea or Sea of Glory. He takes Sea of Glory.

Rain Gods, by James Lee Burke in large print. Place hold.

Microfilm help.

Where is printer?


Where is PC 62?

Help w screen resolution size.

Man returns ILL, The "I Love Lucy" Book. Check in & put on ILL returns shelf in workroom.

11:40 Still 3 PC's open.

Man wants library address. Takes our business card.

11:43 PC's full.

Young couple: how to get card, where are State Archives?

4 sorority girls ask where the typewriters are. Return & ask for help. Have never used typewriters before.

12:05 Lunch. Barbecue sandwich & Pepsi, To Command a King's Ship, in the gazebo in the park. Bolitho and his men capture a Malay pirate schooner. Aaaarrr...

1:09 L., our intern, is here. M. has gone to relieve D.

Boy wants Wet Ones hand towel.

Woman thinks she's getting error message with State of Florida job search, but it's simply advising her that she must have cookies enabled to submit an application. She did not see that her query had produced no results.

How can she print online resume w/o web page trimmings? Help find in-page print command, & she's good.

PC for Day.

1:20 Make round. Straighten new books. Study areas are busy, but quiet. Straighten magazine reading area. All's well.

Staple remover.

Phone: The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D. by Chancellor Williams. Can hold 24 hrs. What she needs to get card.

Scooter Man shows up, old guy who kids me about letting him "test-drive" my Vespa. He once had a 1959 Lambretta 250cc. Gets me to show him pictures of different scooters on the computer, (he doesn't want to try using a computer himself).

2:34 Quiet.

Where are Space Travel, Bermuda Triangle, Star Trek books? Take to shelves.

Work on B&T inventory.

Wants Iran picture book for Hospice patient. End up doing ILL.

Paper for printers.

PC's for several people.

Where are math books?

Paper for copier.

Help using photocopier to make coloring sheets of Mickey Mouse.

PC for Savannah.

Man has late materials, story about camping trip. Send to circulation.

Can he have oceanography mag from rack? Yes.

PC for Jennifer.

Today's paper.


Scooter Man: What is the Doctrine of Balaam in Revelation 2:14?

APA Publication Manual. Needs 6th ed. Copies avail. at branches. Place hold.

4:30 First closing announcement.

Her browser's frozen.

PC for Aslaf.

She says copier gave her Canadian quarter in change. Hmmm... Give her the nickel she needs for last copy anyway.

Phone: number for Sheriff's Dept.

Phone: directions to library.

When open tomorrow morn? 1 pm, (makes face). Thought we closed at 6 today.

Phone: have MS Word to borrow and install? No, sorry, try OpenOffice. Can save as Word.

Rastaman w knitted Rasta-colored cap needs book on writing essay. Take to shelf.

5 min. to closing.

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