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No FSU game today.  Library's annual Title Wave book sale has them lined up down at the garage.

After a week of grey skies and rain, autumn has put summer to flight, and it's glorious outside.

Retrieved from the trash bin in the basement, three by Merton. Disputed Questions, The Waters of Siloe and The Silent Life.  They didn't think these would sell?  Well, maybe not.  Disputed Questions has what looks like a good essay on Pasternak.  Where would Merton have ended up if he had not died when he did?  Has the world forgotten him?  Surely the noisiest monk who ever was.

10:00  Time to open the doors.

Howling child downstairs.

Phone:  Mr. L. wants number for National Builders in Wichita.

Do we have November ish of Gourmet?  Not yet.  She mourns passing of Gourmet.  Has collection dating back to '40's.  November will be last one.

Mom with daughters.  Hasn't been to the library "since sixth grade".  How to look up books w/o card catalog?  Show online catalog.  Daughter already knows what to do.

Help her print out e-mailed pic of great grandson.  Send it to our color printer in back.  She knitted his little wool cap and scarf.

M. is going to weed new fiction while it's quiet.

10:25  12 PC's in use.

Two girls:  How much are copies?

M. debates how many Scarpetta to keep.  All copies are rental.

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, take to shelf.

PC for Tammy, w/ babe & hubby.  Didn't know her card from a branch was good here.

Material requests db appears to be down.  Send call to MIS.

Older white couple asks where book sale is.

Where is PC 63?

Two, heh, "coeds":  where is book sale?

The Lions' Pride: A Pictorial and Anecdotal History of Leon High School by Linda Teague, take to Florida coll.

Inventor's Digest, books on inventions.  How many items can she check out?

PC for Derrick, who is wearing a black hoodie with gold fleurs de lis.

Dad w/ kids:  where is book sale?

Mom w/ little girl:  where is book sale?

Print out USPTO info for "invention woman".

PC for Patrick.

PC for Trey.

A Colonial Dame XVII Century arrives to photograph me, and I her, with our Colonial Heritage display.  The Dames persuaded Mayor Marks to issue a handsome proclamation declaring October "Colonial Heritage Month".

Mom:  how to cite Gale doc?  Can use word processor?

11:31  The Saturday morning seniors have come and gone with their weekly stacks of fiction.

Phone:  The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream by Sampson Davis.  Hold for Jared.

Phone:  where can she send a fax?

Where is recycling bin?  Where to check out?

Woman unhappy with noise level in Internet area.  Amazed that library doesn't ban cell-phone use.  Urge her to fill out "concerns" form, which she does.

Man can't remember name of medical suspense author.  Check Genreflecting.  It's Michael Palmer.

Man listening to music video on PC w/ ear-buds sounds like he has bees in his head.

11:55  PC's are full.

12:00  Lunch.  Gyro sandwich and Gabriel Cohen's pretty good crime novel, The Graving Dock, on Park Ave. bench.  It's overcast again, but cold, at least.  Street lined with cars of book sale browsers.

12:35  Her reservation has expired.  PC for Cornisha.

Guitar music, take to shelf.

FSU student:  how to get card?  Give library brochure.

Make round.  Find sex book in 900's quiet area.  Reshelve at 306.7.  All's well.

Straighten new books.

Do we have any books about this library?  No, just the vertical file and the article on the web site.  He used to study at this library in the '50's, in the original building, The Columns, and has fond memories.

Where is book sale?

Today's paper & USA Today.

1:28  Quiet.

Belly Dancing Basics by Laura Cooper, take to shelf.

M. back from lunch.

Looking at album of black and white photographs of Governors Island in NYC taken in 1982.

Weeding new non-fiction.

Get more baskets from 1st floor for new book area.

Pulling red dots off "old" new books at ref kiosk.

People waiting at desk:  Today's paper?  It's in use.  Today's paper?  Sorry, it's out.

Volunteer L. wants help with corporate info.  Show Lexis-Nexis Corporate Affiliations, International Directory of Company Histories.

PC for Carol.

PC for Casey.

Her keyboard quit.  Restart PC.

PC for Roscoe.

Help man photocopy DL & SS card.

3:00  L. leaves.  What a lifesaver she is.

The Black Hole War : my battle with Stephen Hawking to make the world safe for quantum mechanics by Leonard Susskind, take to shelf.

The Case of the Missing Servant : from the files of Vish Puri, India's "most private investigator" by Tarquin Hall.  Our copy out.  Request one from branch?  She'll wait.

Queen of Dragons by Shana Abé, fetch from check-in room.

Suite 606 by J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas, in regular print?  Main copy out.  She'll take the large print, then.

Take "old" new non-fic down to check-in room sorting carts.  Staff elevator opens upon B. and two Friends of the Library women, laughing and tired from the book sale.  Have we been busy?  B. has a camera.  Sort books onto carts.  V. asks if we've been "swamped".

Phone:  Do we have "fat belly cookbooks"?  Does he mean "flat belly"?  No, fat belly cookbooks.  There are lots of them, says he.  Nothing in catalog.  Nothing obvious at Amazon.  Is all right, he says, he'll try the State Library.   Huh??? 


Can she get PC in Gates Lab?  Does she have card?  No.  Guest pass is for PC 60.  She declines.

PC for Philip.

Help woman print food stamp info.

Where is music up here?  Recorded music in Media on 1st floor.  Only music books up here.

Mom & sons need history of refrigerator.  Not much on shelf.  Find bibliography & print it out, explain how to request ILL materials.

PC for Lance.

PC for Daniel.


Help woman print e-mail.

Help man with drop-down list.

Man wonders why his session is short.  He accepted a short session.  Explain we are closing at 5:00.

Refill heavy duty stapler.


PC for Tammy.

Phone:  Is Joan.  What day of week was 11/17/84?  Wednesday.  Was day she returned to States from Canal Zone.

Install Office 2007 compatibility pack so woman can edit docx on her flash drive.

15 min. announcement.

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