Tropico 3 Released

Stumbled across this last night.  I had not heard a thing about it!  I think I have enough machine to play it, but I don't know if I can handle the realism.  It looks stunning.  Apparently, you can actually walk around in the game as El Presidente!  Have you ever seen such gorgeous shacks?

Ahem, calm yourself, Brett.  I should say that I played the original Tropico for many a late night.  I wrote about it last January, saying that I was looking for a game that didn't push so relentlessly for Progress.  In the end, I installed Immortal Cities:  Children of the Nile.

Not long after that, real life took me away from gaming altogether.  Now, I'm out the other end of the Ghost Train.  My two weeks off have been good.  The morning has come.  My mother's cat, Claudius, sleeps by me as I write, a reminder of all that's happened.

Check out the videos and screen shots for Tropico 3.

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Steerforth said...

Amazing! The detail is incredible.