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Rotten morning. Cold, raining.  Amazing that people still show up, waiting for the doors to open.

10:00  Open.

PC for Shanna

Phone:  Mom's in hospital.  Is her book, The Help by Stockett still on hold?  No, she missed it, sorry.  Re-place hold.

PC for Robert.

Books on football.  Take to shelf.

Today's paper?  It's out.  "Dang! dang!", he mutters, "What else you got, New York Times?"  Is in reading area if not in use.  He looks and leaves down the stairs.

Typewriter.  She doesn't like word processing. Everything gets all messed up.   Is typing son's science fair project.

MF thinks pencil sharpener might be broken.  No, removable shaving reservoir wasn't all the way in.

10:45  Still raining steadily.  Would be snowing if it were cold enough.

PC for a very wet Ollie Atkins.  She wonders if it will rain all day.

Woman w German accent, "I read on de Internet dot dere is a Frenss uff de Library bookstore?"  Point her to it down through the stair well.

Nice donations:  Grafton, G, H, and I, all-in-one hardback, American Heritage College Dictionary, 3rd ed.  ML was just saying yesterday that we need more circulating dictionaries.

10:54  18 PC users.  Dead quiet.  Printers hum now and again.

"'Scuse me can I use this pencil with an eraser?"

PC for Zu.  16 users.  Still raining, still dreaming.

MF goes to shelve large print.


German woman takes bookmark on way to exit.  Did she find some treasures?  "Plenty!"

The Winner by Baldacci.  Is out.  Place hold?  No.  Only one of eight copies at main is left, the rest lost, missing or WD.  Baldacci's third novel, 1997.  Outsold previous two, got starred review in PW.

How to spell "Christ".

PC for Zik.  What's with "Z" people today?  Zu, Zik?


Coming up on the noon hour.  Volunteer L. should be here soon.

Help Ollie send e-mail.  Garbage in the CC field.

Handbook of Medical Sociology?  Sorry, no.  Our medical books are "What's wrong with me" books.  Is FAMU student & his library is closed for break.  Show him what we have.

12:04  L. is here, time for lunch.

Still raining and very cold out.  Couple of homeless white guys, sitting on cardboard, fixing lunch for themselves on the landing.

I have my own little piece of cardboard between the cold concrete and my posterior, as I smoke and read.  Taking a break from A. N. Wilson's delightful comic novels while I wait for Lampitt No. 3, Daughters of Albion from ILL, I have put to sea again with Richard Woodman's In Distant Waters.

12:50  Back.  L. says 2 users complained about PC 55's mouse.  Test.  Pointer slipping a bit.  Deglaze ball w glass cleaner & paper towel.  Good.

Help mom, dad, girl w printing articles about Thomas Edison from Newspaper Archive db.

The Last Olympian, final book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.  All copies out, place hold?  Yes.  Requests for this YA series have been percolating up to the second floor lately.  Percy's first adventure, The Lightning Thief, came out in '05, but I only heard of him in the last few weeks.

Rosalie S., whom I have not seen in many years, with her librarian daughter from Washington.  Looking for reviews for microwave convection ovens.

More Edison article printing.

Security gate goes off, pass boy through.  It's almost two, and it looks like people are venturing out.  It's getting a little busy. 

Phone:  Tiger Woods's father's name?  Earl.  Tiger's original name?  Eldrick, nicknamed "Tiger" after Green Beret Earl's Vietnamese combat buddy, Nguyen Phong.

2:05  Still raining.

3:14  Only sprinkling now.  L. gone.  Been shelving large print.

PC for Valerie.

Restock holiday display.

Help Will print picture.

PC for Calvin.

Phone:  Riding the Jetstream:  The story of Ballooning From Montgolfier to Breitling by John Christopher.  Trap for her hold.  Will pick up Sunday.

Calvin needs different PC, printer has poor resolution for his job.

4:03  It's raining harder again.  We agree that it's been the quietest Saturday we've worked in a long, long time.  Internet PC's are just full, but no waiting.

Help w newspaper archive.

PC for Laura.

30 min. announcement, blink lights.

"Y'all close at 5?"

Count & bag change.

PC for Yon.

Do we have umbrella she left two weeks ago?

Today's paper.

15 min. announcement.

Turn off catalog PC's.


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