More Low-Res Captures

Friend Steerforth likened my shots to Lomography, which I have learned is a "school" of photography centered around fans of the inexpensive Lomo compact camera.  According to Wikipedia,

...the Lomography motto of "don't think, just shoot" presumes spontaneity, close-ups, and ubiquity, while deemphasizing formal technique. Typical Lomography cameras are deliberately low-fidelity and inexpensively constructed.
But they are also, typically, analog cameras.  The Lomo camera, now produced by an Austrian firm, uses 35mm film, while other Lomographers use even more archaic pinhole cameras

The Low-Res artists I've been looking at on Flickr are all using digital cameras, which can produce quite different effects with low-fidelity images.  Nor are they necessarily averse to formal technique.  See Cobaltika's exquisite stonehouse2.

Homeless Man

Working on the library's second floor affords me views difficult to come by in tree-infested Tallahassee.

The Hotel Duval and Georgia Bell Apartments, taken from a window facing north in non-fiction.

Quick N Save.

The Vivitar Mini Digital Camera is so small, and exposure times in low light are so long, that any movement while shooting can blur the image, much as a jeep requires greater attention to steering than a limousine.  The camera must be braced against a fixed surface for a good shot.

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