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Rained all night, letting up in time for me to take the Vespa.

10:00  Open.  Working w SE today.

Today's paper. Already out, how about USA Today?  Takes that, asks me to see what we have on pit bulls, (groan)

Umbrella bag.  Bring out dispenser from closet.  "Supposed to rain all day today, 80% chance", says he.

The "Preacher" wants Thursday's paper.

All pit bull bks lost except couple at branches.

"Somebody got the Democrat?" Yes.

M. comes up to get her glasses from the desk.

Returns USA, orders pit bull bks.  Democrat? No.

Democrat? No

Doghouse Roses by Steve Earle.  Hasn't been able to find it for three months.  Take to shelf.  It's there.  Sorry, he says, he had been looking in Biography.  Hasn't been able to find anything, "ever since you got rid of Dewey Decimal.  I'm computer illiterate."  Prob means the card catalog.

PC for Gene.

PC for Tom.

Returns paper. Find guy who asked for it.

Deirdre sends call from Children's.  A+ certification.  Everything in coll. is out-of-date.  Offer interlibrary loan, make note to self.  Nothing in Learning Express online either.

Democrat? Still out.

The Lost Boy by David Pelzer, v. 2 of his trilogy.  Is in 362, Child Abuse, instead of Biography like the others.

Show how to reserve PC w card.

Phone:  Who plays Bobbie Spencer in General HospitalJacklyn Zeman.

Now that we're going to buy some e-books for the new readers, rewriting canned response to e-mail inquiries.

Returns paper, another man right behind to take it.

When is tax help?

One Love, One Heart: The History of Reggae by James Haskins.  Is down in Jr. Nonfiction.

Returns dictionary.

Anything on Zora Neale Hurston?  Happens we have ZNH materials on a Zeta Phi Beta sorority display.  Reserve Eyes... for her at NE branch.

When is tax help?

Where is PC 64?

Returns paper.

Tall, thin, bespectacled black matron in dress w several small children in tow:  Do we have Lessons in Truth?  Don't think so, who is author?  Unity.  What about Search for Serenity?  No. Anything by Paul Laurence Dunbar.  Read off list of holdings.  Thanks me but doesn't ask me for any of them.

1040 EZ?  We're temp out.

PC for Adrian.

PC for Chris.

12:00  Volunteer L. is here.  SE off to lunch.

Today's paper.

AN strides past in her boots & skirt to workroom, emerges w padded mailing envelopes, heading back downstairs.

Man w call no. slip, 878 T118C, old cutter number.  Take to shelf.  Modern Library ed. of Tacitus.

Orchids.  Take to shelf.  She looks at books, "Now, maybe I won't kill 'em".

I give up, call DT in Children's:  who is that in her FB profile pic?  Julianne Moore in The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio.

Phone:  A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Acheiving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century by Scott Bedbury.  Hold for Ashley.

12:44  Lunch

Chicken sandwich, Pepsi & A. N. Wilson's Hearing Voices on Park Avenue bench.  Breezy and warm w sun behind fleeting, ragged clouds.  Had no idea it was going to be about a Catholic family in the turmoil of post-Vatican II 1966, with Julian Ramsey as a sort of "Charles Ryder" Protestant hanger-on.

Smoking my postprandial cigarette, the sun moves over me from behind a tree, so I am getting warm.  A bee starts looking me over very closely.  Get up & shoo him away.  Sit down and here he comes again.  Repeat this twice and he goes for good in a stiff gust of wind.

1:44  Books on neuropathy?  Nothing.  Show Merck entry & she seems satisfied.

Phone:  Place holds for Sizzle by Julie Garwood, Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag and Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler.

1040 EZ forms?  We're out.

2:02  2nd floor is packed.  Tables in use by students working on projects.  Comfy chairs in magazine area mostly occupied by readers, carrels by laptop users, snoozers.

Refill printers w paper.  A lull.  SE off to "rove".

Boy complains of paper jam.  I unjam it, and he starts paging through the print-outs as they feed into the delivery tray, exactly what jammed it in the first place.  I tell him, testily, to wait until the printer is finished printing.

Phone:  Homeschooling teacher wonders whether we have the reading guide CD's that we handed out for the Big Read of Fahrenheit 451 last year.  Don't see in catalog.  Take her name & number.  Check with MC, she doesn't think we put them in either.

Phone:  A Mercy by Toni Morrison.  All copies out, place hold?  No, needs "ASAP".

Call teacher, tell her we didn't catalog the CD Audio Guide for Fahrenheit 451, suggest she call Mon. and talk to CH.  Maybe there are some still in Admin somewhere.

Books on telegraphy.  The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage, technical article from Ency of Sci & Tech, two articles from Ency Brit.

Back at desk, L. is gone.

Help Mom save picture of sphinx to flash drive.  Where can she get prints of pictures for kid's report?  Can get prints at CVS or Walgreen's, very cheap.  She's pleased.

Boy returns scissors and tape.

SE remarks that History Fair projects are due on Monday!

Scissors and tape go back out.

PC for Jerome.

PC for Tyler.

Do we have computers that aren't Internet?  Ask at Media desk for word processor.

PC for Evelyn.  30 min. wait now.  Could be worse.


How to get to ACCESS Florida food stamp start page.

Langston Hughes by Harold Bloom, ed.  Take to shelf.

PC for somebody.

Help selecting backup printer.

More help w food stamps app.

Copy some lesson plans from a floppy to a flash drive for a teacher to save her the wait.

Got that 3:45 droop.

Can use paper cutter?  Sorry, no.  Insurance forbids.

Evelyn says cancel her reservation.

Returns scissors, phone book.

Math books, take to shelf.

Can self-check DVD's up here?  No, sorry.

Can she have a bag?  Is going on bus.  Give her bag.

PC for Joshua.

Help w backup printer

St. Catherine of Sienna.  Butler's Lives, Cath Ency.

Leroy can't make reservation w card.  All PC's booked til closing at 5:00.

Books about slavery.  Give her bunch of call numbers, her session's about to start & she can't come to shelves w me.

Take buckets of crayons back down to Youth Services.  Checkout line is very long.

30 min. closing announcement.  SE's already counted cash drawer.

Help w copier

ILL renewal request for The Rough Guide to Climate Change by Robert Henson.  Send to lending library & put print-out in KF's renewal tray

Woman distressed that no PC's available.  Had almost completed flight reservation when session ended.  All booked.

Man desperate to download & print doc.  No can do, sorry.  All PC's booked.  All right, we nabbed him one.

Last-minute request for The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which has snowballed into a word-of-mouth bestseller.  The library now owns about 30 copies, with 112 outstanding requests.  I alone have taken 3 or 4 requests at the desk or by phone this week.

5:00  Closed.

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