Times Reader take two - Typblography


The Times Reader, an app for the Adobe Air platform, made its debut last May, but I didn't discover it until Adobe Reader Update offered to install it recently.  I subscribe to the print edition of the Sunday New York Times, which affords me access at no extra cost to all online content as well.  My online account with the NYT is actually the oldest one I have.  It must date from '94 or '95.

For years I have gotten daily digests of the NYT by e-mail which alert me to the top stories in my selected sections of the paper, but I am getting to like the Times Reader better, and I may unsubscribe the digest.  The Times Reader lets me browse a week's worth of the paper, an issue at a time, starting with the front page, very much as if I had the print edition at hand.  I am not limited by the digest's "top picks" format.

The Times Reader does not include all the web content, the NYT blogs, and the slide shows and videos, but if you want an online experience of the print edition, it is worth a try.

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