Bring Out Your Dead.


Crawling into work Saturday, at the tail-end of a chest cold, with a hacking cough, I wasn't even going to try blogging it today.

Before opening we had network problems.  The public-access PCreservation server gave an error message at start-up, as did our database for generating requests for materials the library doesn't own.  A County technician was able to get both up and running in short order, however.

Worked with our new librarian, MK, whom I introduced to our volunteer L., also a recent MLS graduate, when she arrived at noon.  I enjoyed seeing them get to know each other.  MK and I both had book displays to do, so we worked on these when we weren't busy.  Mine is entitled, "Adventures in Austenland:  Writers Pay Homage To Jane Austen", which I hope is not too lame.  I had to get it up before going on annual leave this week.  I may post at greater length about this display, as it was very interesting to research.  I don't have the energy tonight.

Traffic middling today, never more than a ten-minute wait for a PC, and only a couple of flurries at the refdesk.  It was a sunny day in the high 60's, so that may account for it.  And the Science/History Fair assignments are over.  Even Black History Month seems already to have run its course in terms of information requests.

We closed at 5:00.  Home to let our cat Claudius out for a bit, then we went out to Jasmine for bowls of hot, spicy ramen.  Back home for Prairie Home Companion and a wonderful movie about the miracle at Fatima on EWTN.  I'm exhausted, and ready for my week off.

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