Fr. Cregan, RIP

We only found out at the Easter Vigil Mass tonight that Father James Cregan had died early Saturday morning, attended by our pastor, Monsignor O'Sullivan.  He had suffered much from Parkinson's Disease in recent years.  Father Cregan was about as holy a man as I have met, acquainted with suffering, and full of mercy.  He instructed me in the faith when I converted, received me into The Church, and blessed our marriage.  He and Mgr. O'Sullivan built Blessed Sacrament Parish up to the thriving parish it is today.  I know Father O. will miss him terribly, but it is well.

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Delicious Salad
Cliff and Georjean Thaell showed up at a pot-luck supper across the street not long ago, and Georjean brought a scrumptious potato & artichoke salad:

Let's see.  I boiled potatoes.  Actually, made it out of what I had available.  I love to create like that.  It's so fun.

Boiled new potatoes
Kirkland's marinated artichokes
organic spinach (raw)
sliced red bell pepper
a touch of salt, pepper and garlic powder

Put everything in bowl, quantities according to desired taste, adding some of the marinade from the artichokes last.
I mix it with my hands and love.
[Edit 4/13/10:  I've really been wanting to make the salad.  Scouted Publix and New Leaf, but found no Kirkland's artichoke hearts.  It seems that Cara Mia Kirkland Signature Marinated Artichoke Hearts can only be found on the shelf at Costco or Sam's, in a  large, 65 oz. jar.  One vendor says, "The Cara Mia brand marinade is a proprietary recipe and has many devotees who use both the artichokes and the marinade in a variety of recipes".  Marinated artichoke hearts have to be well-trimmed to be good.  Often one gets pithy outer leaves left on.  I had a feeling that I dare not make the salad with another brand.  I will have to visit Sam's.]


Anonymous said...

How can you attach Fr. Jim's death article to a recipe? No doubt he'd get a laugh, but come on!

Brett said...

Sorry, no offense intended. Would be nice if you would sign your comment. I'll change it a bit.

Anonymous said...

Fr Cregan was pastor for a time at my childhood parish of St Mary's in Pensacola, FL.

I remember him as a very kind man. I thought of him today for some reason and googled his name. I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but happy he's gone Home

May our Lord and Lady welcome him into Heaven with open arms. I'm glad he stayed faithful to his calling and did very well. God bless him.

Brett said...

Thanks for your remembrance, Doanli. When I took instruction from him in 1989, he was already the pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Lanark, traveling to Tallahassee to conduct RCI classes at Blessed Sacrament.

He was so kind, as you say, and as "Anonymous" mentions, a lighthearted man, with a great sense of humor.

You can see his obituary here: