Tomasky's American Lit Quiz

I've been doing and thinking unremarkable things lately, just trying to keep house and yard neat, clothes clean, food on the table, cat unneglected, while my wife is chained to her desk at the legislature until the end of the session on April 30th.  (Knock on wood, there's talk of a special session.)

That's where the beauty of blogging comes in.  You can reuse someone else's content honorably as long as you link to it.

Everyone loves a quiz.  Michael Tomasky is an American blogging for the UK's Guardian Online, so if you are American, his American Literature Quiz shouldn't be that hard.  If you are a librarian, some questions will be no-brainers.  I got eight right out of ten.  Question nine threw a lot of people, and I am probably spoiling it by saying this.  I knew the answer because we still have to order replacements after all these years for copies that are simply read to pieces.  I had no idea with six and ten.

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