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10:00  Open

We have Healthy Hands® sanitizer dispensers at both entrances these days, and Purell® bottles at the computer sign-up stations.  Thanks a lot, swine flu.  Sanitizer goo had seeped from the Healthy Hands dispenser, collecting on the square, steel base of the stand, where it had dried.  I wiped it off with wet paper towels.

Phone: B. at the B.L.Perry Branch.  Pull Body Marks:  Tattooing, Piercing and Scarification by Kathlyn Gay for pickup here.

Korean mom & daughter.  Daughter asks where are magazines.  Mom likes to read them.

Korean mom asks where is restroom.

Anyway, this hand sanitizer thing bugs me.  Don't people know how to wash their hands?  It's like bottled water.  What's wrong with tap water, or a water fountain?

She hasn't been to the main library in a while, where is fiction?

Dad w little girl and babe on hip.  Girl wants to hand me DVD's out of a sack.  Tell Dad to go downstairs to book drop.

Fiction woman returns, smiling, with books by favorite authors, Michelle Richmond's Dream of the Blue Room, and William Kent Krueger's Copper River.  Is leaving on a trip.  Help her use self-check machine.

It really IS quiet this Sat. morn, thank God.

Phone:  woman upset about hold.  Thought Suze Orman's The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke would be here when she came to pick it up, but it wasn't, and was checked out to someone else.  I say I have no way of knowing what happened, but am really sorry, and can I try to get branch copy here for her ASAP?  Call BLP & get copy pulled and trapped, but there's a mystery about the courier.  He's not been around to any branches yet.  Uh oh.  Hanging up, I find from MD that courier run has been delayed.  Call patron, tell her I'm not sure her book will get here today, but will call when I know for sure.  If not, will get here on Tuesday?  Yes.  She thanks me, sounds satisfied.

11:17  4 PC's still available up here.

Phone:  She wants to renew interlibrary loan, Detoxify or Die by Sherry A. Rogers.  Requests 2 others by same author, Chemical Sensitivity:  Environmental Diseases and Pollutants, How They Hurt Us, How to Deal With Them, and Wellness Against All Odds.

Man wants NYT article from the '60's.  Sorry, Newsbank only goes back to '87.  Log into my own account online, but find that even as a subscriber, articles older than '87 are not free.  Sorry, can try Strozier Library at FSU.

12:05  Lunch!

12:35  Back.

Help woman photocopy pages from Interpreter's Bible.

How does she request an ILL?  Doesn't know her PIN.

PC he just got is shutting down.  Yes, reboots between sessions.

ILL woman wants to use WorldCat.

Phone:  Where is the bookmobile today?  Off road in garage.  Wants DVD, Trading Places w Eddie Murphy.  Take name, number, will look when S. gets back from lunch.

PC for Victoria.
PC for Antonio.

2:00  Just ended rush.  Was able to get DVD for woman from Bookmobile.  She's on her way.

MC, just here to relieve SJ in Media, brought delicious samosas from Indian grocery!

Man says PC can't read  his Flash drive.  Can see portable device icon in system tray, but when we try to open folder, PC says "insert drive".  Try one of ours.  Works fine, opens right away.  I think problem is with his drive, but offer another PC.  No, but thanks, says he.

Do we have the Bible in Hebrew and Greek?  We have the Tanakh in Hebrew w facing English trans., but no Greek New Testament.  He is pleased w the Tanakh.  Says he speaks five languages.  How wonderful, I reply.

Woman arrives to get Trading Places DVD.

Paper for printer.

Phone:  What channel for FSU baseball game?  ESPN.

Phone:  Did she do right to look up title in WorldCat and then request it through Request Materials?  Yes, perfect.

PC for Caroline.

Give sanitary wipe, facial tissue.

3:17  Searched a couple obits on microfilm, took down to scan in media workroom, eat another samosa.

E-mail obit scans.

PC for Clara.
PC Chakia.

Where are Rolling Stone Magazines?

Paper for copier.

The Official Blackbook Price Guide to U.S. Coins.  He has a 1902 Indian Head penny, possibly worth a few dollars.

Paper for printer.

Returns paper.

Take application for conference room.  S. lets them in.

Phone:  Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, waiting list, place hold.  2001: a Space Odyssey, on shelf, trap for hold.  Summer reading assignments.  More copies of Persepolis are on order.

PC for Steve.

Help w copier.

Phone: she wants 2 books by Phillip Keller, What Makes Life Worth Living and A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.  Send to Interlibrary Loan.

Cathy finishes at her PC, says good night to me as she leaves.

His reservation expired, get him another PC.  Closing in 15 min.

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