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10:00  Open.  Confusion about a room reservation.  A kids' reading group thinks they have it, but it's booked for another group,  Pass to MC to sort out.

Today's paper.

Library web page is down, prob. b/c MIS is doing server maintenance.  Tell users to ignore page error msg & do search or put in new address.

Math book.  Take her to shelf.

Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia and The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Have to get Ramsey from the bookmobile, always a challenge.  He says, "Who is the most awesome guy in the library?  Mr. Castleberry!", and shakes my hand.  Wow.

It's FSU at home v BYU today at 3:30.  A quiet afternoon?  I'll believe it when I see it.  Venn diagram of game attendees and library users might not show much overlap, I suspect.

10:41  More help with library web page error msgs.

Phone:  ML at the Northeast branch about the web page being down.  Yes, is MIS maintenance thing, is systemwide, not just NEB.

Help printing Yahoo mail.  She didn't know to use the in-page print icon.  I prob show this to users a couple times a day with various web mail apps.  They use browser file -> print and get a weird result or an error.

PC for Kathy.

Dave L.,  where are books on the Vikings?  948.02.

How to make an interlibrary loan request?  Show Request Materials link on web page, which appears to work now, and web form to fill out.

Not crowded yet.  11 PC's available.

11:15  Woman shows up to have test proctored.  MK handles it.

Help woman get PC next to one her son is using.

PC for Azael (?).  He doesn't want that one, hard to use ear-buds w it.  Grrr.  Give him another, but urge him to get a library card.

Woman has browser problems, reboot.

Where is Asian Festival?  Supposed to be in Lewis and Bloxham Parks downtown.  Find it on calender at the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee .  Is on October 9.  Can't think which of the 7-park chain are Lewis and Bloxham parks.  They are the ones east of Calhoun Street.

Phone:  Mr. L.  Says he is tired today.  Contact info for Benchmark Office Systems.

Where is PC 52?

Dessert cookbooks, take to shelf.

Where is PC 53?

12:45  Back from lunch.  Again room confusion.  He has come for Tallahassee Climate Change, but the room's booked for Democratic Veterans Caucus.  He thinks he may have the date wrong, will call his contact.  MC double checks the bookings in admin.

Help little boy make a PC reservation with his card.

Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.  Don't own, 1977 pub date.  Take ILL request.

Phone:  renew The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom.

Take man to American History, on way back woman w laptop snags me to show her Florida Teacher Certification test competencies and skills at FLDOE site.

Where is PC 56?

Help girl install MS Office 2007 Compatibiity Pack so she can open .docx file.  (Ya know, I shouldn't have to do this...)

Phone:  Connie at PKY, send ILL renewal request for Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure by Paul A. Offit.

Man wants list of titles by John Sandford.

Phone:  blind man wants recipe for hummus bi-taheena.  Did not know that hummus is simply the arabic word for chickpea, so that I had to puzzle out which recipe with hummus in the name was the appetizer we are  familiar with here.

Makes me want to go to the Sahara restaurant and eat some.  Source:  From the Lands of Figs and Olives by Habeeb Saloum and James Peters.

Todays paper.

Democratic Veterans Caucus is here.  Previous group still in room.  They are good about clearing out.

Help woman copy SS card and DL.


Where are childrens books?

Phone:  JL in Media, looking for MC.  Give him ext for ofc.


Retape Middle-Eastern cookbook dust jacket & reshelve.  I heard this week that "cookery" has been retired from the LC subject headings.  (sigh)

I've been learning so much from Delderfield's God is an Englishman, set largely in the 1860's.  Seaside holidays for townsfolk became popular, and possible, with the coming of the railways.

Andrew Martin's The Blackpool Highflyer takes place against the background of such a holiday in 1905, forty years after my Delderfield story.

Woman approaches w daughter and reading list for school.  Take her down, point her to JD at the Youth Services desk.

Where can he buy stamps nearby?  At the PO branch across the street, I suggest.  No, says he, he's been there already.  Hmmm..

2:25  Looks like we have our quiet afternoon.  One hour to kick-off.  We'll pay for this tomorrow.

PC help.  Woman's caught a fake "MS Security Essentials Antivirus" virus.  Reboot to wipe.  Man needs help making text size larger for Rock LP auction results.  Another woman needs to print PDF presentation w multiple pages per sheet.

PC for Shivuri.
PC for Destiny.

Complaint from male student about fat guy grabbing self and making faces at him.  We go to the back of non-fiction, but man is gone.  Student sees him through the window, getting into car in parking lot.

Help enlarging photo.  Help w Facebook.  Help getting mouse to work with game.

Security gate goes off.  Pass him through.


Go around cleaning up computer area, putting chairs back.  Place has cleared out, many PC's not in use.

PC for Rudolph.

Man can't open PDF.  Rename, remove period from filename.

PC for Tyrell.

Two gamer kids:  "That man on 51 watching nasty stuff!".  I sneak up on the man, who is now watching mildly steamy anime.  Put papers back on rack.

Henderson room empty. Turn out lights and lock up.

4:13  Back from search in bookmobile collection for the Handbook of Lawnmower Repair by Franklynn Peterson, (1978).  Found it!

Phone:  What is the number for Halloween crafts books?

4:30  30 min. announcement.

Phone:  Ann P. wants Odd Pets by Dorothy Hogner, wants status of pending ILL's.  Three shipped on 9/17.  Send Odd Pets to ILL.

10 min to closing.  Over & out.

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