Gravitational Pull

Today was all about preparing to leave the library for a week in Central Florida.  I will be joining my two sisters to dispose of my parent's belongings in their house in Windermere, in preparation for putting it up for sale, and then visiting my wife's aunt and uncle in Clearwater.

I had to sort through the book donations that had accumulated on the "For The Library" shelves in the book donation room, mail out my list of book donations sent to Collection Management in July and August, arrange for a substitute to take my hour next Thursday for the AskaLibrarian digital reference service, fill out my time sheet that will be due next week while I am gone, update a South Asian Fiction list for a display that starts Monday and fetch the poster for the original display from the Graphics room, ask my supervisor to see to e-mail reference questions and toner inventories.

It's not easy, handling your parents' things.  But it's time.  We are  ready for closure, now that my mother is gone, and my father can't do it himself.  Alas, time waits for no one, no favors has he.

Who will deal with my stuff, when the time comes?  I don't have children.  It is incumbent upon me to deal with it while I am still able.


Martin H. said...

It's never easy, sorting out your parent's affairs. At least, you have two sisters to share the load. Hope it all goes as well as it can.

Brett said...

Thanks, Martin, for the kind words and sympathy. It helps.

I am in Eustis tonight, at my sister's. We'll go down to Windermere in the morning.

Mercedes said...

The Recent Asian fiction display went up Friday afternoon and almost immediately several books were taken. My Hispanic Heritage display went up Sunday before we opened. Colorful, with fabric that resembles talavera tiles, and my molcaquete from home. The perfect setting to show off our not-to-be-sneered-at Spanish language collection. No takers for the netbooks on Saturday, the wait time never went above 10 minutes but Sunday we checked out 12 and the reviews were good. Folks are impressed.

Brett said...

I took my mother's molcaquete, that she must have bought as a souvenir when we visited Piedras Negras, on the border, years ago. I don't think she used it much.