Workingman's Dead

"Ow you goin' Albert' Tupe asked storekeeper.
`Rotten. I'm all any'ow today.'
`I 'eard a good one yesterday Albert, there was a chap died, see, and when 'e was dead 'e went to 'eaven. Well after a day or two 'e went to the side like and looked to see if 'e could see any of 'is acquaintance down in 'ell. 'E sees one that 'e used to be friendly with and 'e calls down to 'im "Ow do Ben, 'ow be you goin'?" `Fine thanks Jim." "There wouldn't be no way of my getting down to where you works Ben would there" 'e says. "Ow's that Jim?" "'Ow many hours d'you reckon to work down where you are Ben?" "Four-and-a-half with the weekends off." "Yus," 'e says, "and it's ten with us up in 'eaven, Sundays and all, there being so few on us to run the place on" that's why 'e wanted to change eh?'
 -Living by Henry Green


Martin H. said...

This put me in the right frame of mind for the day. Thanks Brett.

Brett said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Martin. I loved your "Sepia Saturday" piece about your grandmother's kitchen.