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10:00  Open.  Working with MK today, VB is Super.  FSU's away at Maryland, FAMU is playing at home at 2:30.  Quiet day?  Knock on wood.

Running clean-up, check-disk, defrag utilities on workroom PC's:    Have they ever been run before?  Literally gigs of files in recycling bins, temp folders.

PC for Monica.

PC hung at policy screen, reset.  Other PC freezing, give him another.

PC for Ronald.

Phone:  Betty wants Evanovich, 7,8,9.  Fetch them from bookmobile.

Paper comes back.

We've been getting calls from people who want to reach Representative-elect Steve Southerland, who beat incumbent Allen Boyd for a seat in the US House.  Problem is, he hasn't been seated yet.  The new members don't have offices yet.  All we can do is give them the number for his campaign.

Nice pb copy of Brideshead Revisited in the donation bin, in the 1999 Back Bay Books ed.

PC for JD. 15 min. wait.

11:00  Workroom PC's defragging.

Make round of 2nd floor, stopping to straighten shelves.  Deputy Marvin passes me on his own round.  All quiet.

Paper comes back.

Man got overdue notice for ILL copy of Juliette by de Sade.  Can he renew?  It's 2000 pages.  Send renewal request, tell him to call KF on Monday.

Boy wants Halo movies.  We don't appear to have any.  How about Halo books?  Find some, all lost, checked out or on hold.  Finally find one in YA Fiction.  Send him downstairs.

Betty comes w hubby and little daughter for her Evanovich books.  Sweet young family.

Phone:  the library gave away The Things They Carried by Tom O'Brien, (this year's Big Read selection), at the Veterans Day Parade.  Do we have any copies left?  I think so, tell him to call DC in Admin. on Monday.

Man wants a book with something about building a shelter for feral cats.  I'm doubtful, nothing indexed for "feral cats", but show him cat section.  Too late, I find lots of plans online, but he's left.

Betty again.  How to find books with "B" in call number.  Show her biographies.

12:09  L. not here yet.  Guess I will have lunch.

12:56  Back.  L., our volunteer, never showed.  No L, No L...

Woman wants some Left Behind, (by Tim LaHaye), books.

PC for Ron.

Took her to the shelf.  She wanted the later ones in the "Before They Were Left Behind" series.  She couldn't find The Rapture, though catalog shows 7 copies.

PC 64 hung at blue screen.  Hard power off/on.

Found The Rapture in overstock.  Observed that Left Behind section was heavily depleted, refreshed from overstock.

MK gone to lunch.

Where is Consumer Reports on cars?  Where are copy machines?

Sound trouble on PC 45.  Control Panel shows sound device installed.  Test w our phones, sound is there.  His headphones are the prob.

MK and I were talking about interest in the Left Behind books, and in religion generally, as an index of social anxiety.

Man says he got a "security threat" on PC 38.

Break a $5 for Consumer Reports woman.

Woman wants TABE test book.  Only one remains out of many original copies.  Place hold.  Wants books on writing biography, take to shelf.

How can she stop print job?

PC for Fatima.

Petite older woman w short silver hair in red Taoist Tai Chi Society sweatshirt says her reserve on Sizzling Sixteen disappeared.  Find copy on New shelves for her.  Lively trade in Evanovich today.

PC for Darryl, who wants to apply for a job online & needs help.

Young blond boy w grandfather wants Godzilla:  Fifty Years of the King of Monsters by William Tsutsui.  Take to shelf.

MK back.  Whoof!  I've been busy!

Can he turn in DVD's here?  Wants to watch them get checked in.  Send him down to Circulation.

Get Darryl to start page for Sam's Club job app.  He says he can type.

1:50  Smoke break.  When I get back, it's quiet.

Lunchtime reading is The Torch Bearers by Alexander Fullerton, book five in the Nicholas Everard WWII Saga.  Only one more...

Mom w daughter writing paper:  order The Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Susan B. Anthony Reader : Correspondence, Writings, Speeches from branch for her, show women's section in sociology.

She can't find A Thousand Years of Good Prayers : Stories by Yiyun Li on shelf.  I find it, misshelved.

Phone:  BJ at branch, pull Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat, hold for patron driving here.

Two high school girls want:  The Gilded Age : a history in documents by Janette Thomas Greenwood in reference coll.; America's Gilded Age : intimate portraits of an era of extravagance and change, 1850-1890 by Milton Rugoff, is out, they don't want hold; Unequal Democracy:  The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age by Larry M. Bartels, find on shelving cart.

Gone with the Wind on DVD, place hold.

Forgotten God:  Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan, place hold.

Hervé wants Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick.  Tells me about Dick cult in France.  Find copy on shelf.

2:44  Web is spotty, lots of users getting browser error pages.  BB from branch calls w same problems.  ML calls too, says they are down as well.  Make report to Super, need to call MIS.

Couple want adoption books, Dune Messiah.  Take to 362 for adoption, he'll pick up Dune Messiah at branch.

Phone:  Address & phone for Heritage Oaks retirement community.

Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian.  Is available at branch, she'll go there.

PC for Mike

3:30  Library Web page is down, but users can navigate to other web sites.

How to find schools with dental hygienist programs?  Show directories of two-year and technical schools.

She says we're holding Boone's Lick by Larry McMurtry at the refdesk.

Directory of four-year colleges.

Today's paper.

PC 51 has blue screen.

Round up books on slavery and racism for college girl.  All "buffalo soldier" books missing.

She wants Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart in regular print.  Only large print here.  Reserve branch copy.  Is anxious about pickup,  will be gone for Thanksgiving.  Suspend hold for a few days to give her more time next week.

Phone:  MIS calls, want to talk to Media.

Out for a smoke.  4:25, it's almost over.  Mercy.  I think I'm done here.

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