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9:29  30 min. to opening.  Cash drawer, door count, log in staff PC's, make out-of-service sign for yet another public PC, (22 out of 64 down), test sound on #55.  Newspapers.

V's Democrat-mobile got totaled yesterday, same spot where a van hit R. in our Tercel Wagon back in '90's, Duval & Pensacola.  V. is all right, thank God, but she'll have to buy all new bumper stickers.

Cold this a.m.  Fried eggs & samosa.  Wore new "Rustic Navy" Ralph Lauren Polo Cotton Mesh Full-Zip Hoodie under MC jacket & helmet, warm ears!  It's "finished with utility-inspired trim for heritage comfort."

Heritage comfort, is that comfort like rich folks used to have in the good old days?  Or comfort you'll be able to pass on to your children?  ??  [Edit Jan. 25: been wearing it all day today, as it warmed up a little.  I love this hoodie.  I think the "utility-inspired trim" refers to the shoulder and elbow patches.  It wears like something I've had for years.  I'm down with "heritage comfort".]

10:00  Open.  Both Democats, NYT go out right away.

10:12  Here we go.

Phone:  Tax forms?  We'll put them out on the 1st of Feb.

He's taking electrician exam, needs wiring book.  Take to shelf.

Tax forms?

Help w sound.

Her browser's frozen.

Phone:  It's MD, one of the old reference crew, needs Accompany Them with Singing: The Christian Funeral by Thomas G. Long.

Funny, RK gave me a wave 5 min. ago, also of the ancient crew.  They both retired shortly after I came in.

Phone:  Boy's voice.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Place hold, trap, take to hold shelves.

Where to take DVD's that didn't work?  Where is 11:00 story time?

Phone: Rosa in Lloyd.  Where can she buy Episencial skincare products?  Afraid we are in Episencial-less black hole.  Nowhere closer on company's "store locator" than Mobile, Columbus Ga. or Ocala Fl., but in Mobile it's Target that's listed.  Maybe Target here has?

NYT comes back.  Where is Book Review from Sunday ed.?  Fetch from workroom.

Today's paper.


Stapler needs staples.

Scratch paper & golf pencil.

See a number of library netbooks in use.  MC says all 50 at main will see use in the course of a day now.  1st real incentive for non-book-readers to get library cards:  they don't have to wait for desktop PCs.


Tax forms?  Says he doesn't see 2010 1040 form at irs.gov.  I try to check, can't even get in.  IRS must be getting hammered.

PC's for Cathy, Cory, Calvin.

NYT Book Review comes back.

Tax forms?

V having trouble forwarding GroupWise e-mail.  I try, w no problems.  Hmm.

She wants books on pipe cleaner crafts, also called chenille stems or sticks.  Can't find anything.  Call JD in Children's, nothing.

 (Tiara, Harry Potter glasses)

Print out a half dozen ideas from the Internet, do interlibrary loan request for Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy by Laura Torres and Michael Sherman.

Topo map for Tallahassee?  He remembers old Map Center, which we got rid of years ago.  What did we do with the maps?  Discarded, I admit ashamedly.  Bit my tongue at the time.  Download map from USGS, seat him at staff PC to view.

12.54  Back from lunch.  Amy's tortilla & black bean casserole.  Finishing Peter Temple's Australian crime novel, Truth.

Volunteer L showed up.  Wasn't on schedule, so is special treat.  Yay!

Staple remover.

MC pops up,will I return TV-DVD player to Media when Daughters of Isis in conference room are done w it?

PC for Terry.  Says he has the flu.  Give him Wet Ones® antibacterial wipe.

Books on writing screenplays.  Take to shelf.

Picture books of Georgia for her granddaughter to photocopy.  Not much o/s.  Try children's.

Returns Democrat.

Returns WSJ, unsure about his PC reservation.  Thought he had 15 min. wait, but it's 50 min. wait.

Cancel his reservation, thinks can get one sooner.  Sure?  Ok.

Where are cookbooks?  Just wants call no., no hand-holding.

Where are encyclopedias?


Map to homeless shelter.

How to get library card?  Is under 18 w/o parent.  Give him handout.

J. K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2011.  Only bought reference copy this year.  Still have 2010 at desk.  Find 2011 on shelf.  Yellow dot it to keep at desk, retire old ed., take his card.

Library is buzzing, people everywhere.  One table is piled with volumes of Florida Statistical Digest and Florida Almanac

2:00  Walk floor, all fine, no shenanigans.  First e-book reader I've seen in use here.  Help woman w microfilm.

J. K. Lasser's man asks me to shush woman on mobile.  Hmm, not that bad, but admonish her gently.  Walking away, hear her say to boyfriend, "They always shush me, but..."  She's chronically shush-worthy, apparently.

Returns paper.

Daughters of Isis having trouble with VCR, C goes to help.

Returns Florida reference books for ID.

Where are GMAT test prep books?  Take to shelf, show online Learning Express test prep.

Phone:  Elderly blind woman trying to contact LM, yet another of the old ref. crew, now at a branch.  Give her branch number.

Tax forms?

PC's for Shani, Kianna.

What's he need for card?

3:00  Walk around before L leaves.  All is well. Tarot woman is laying out spreads.  Ask her which deck she's using.  Celtic Deck, she says.  Looks like the Sacred Circle Tarot to me, after a search online.  I'll have to follow up.  Says the only other one she'd use would be the Thoth deck, (Crowley).   Find map of Florida torn out of Frommer's Guide to Florida.

Why is his card expired?

PC for Jerald.

Old man, a regular, says "Not too crowded today, but all of the good spots are taken."  Can't find an electrical outlet for his laptop.

She's got a list of novels about abused girls and rape victims:
Perfect Liar by Brenda Novak
Through the Cracks by Barbara Fister
When Morning Comes by Jackie Rennick
First Impressions by Jude Deveraux
Left Overs by Laura Weiss
Girls by Frederick Busch
Child of Grace by Lori Copeland
The Fifth Angel by Tim Green.
Take to shelf.

How can she reserve a room?  Wants one tomorrow.  Studying for LSAT, frustrated with noise level.  Send her to super, VB.

Wilson wants PC.  Says he hasn't had one today, (right).  C says don't.  Let C be decider.  PC's are booked 'til closing.


The Daughters of Isis are through in the conference room.  Disconnect & roll equipment on elevator, down to Media workroom.

K, workmate of R's at the Florida House, needs article from the American Journal of Economics and Society.  Check Gale db's.  Gale has blah blah and Sociology?  No, citation says Society.  Hmm.  Get no results for that in OCLC FirstSearch.  Look in our old set of Ulrich's.  No listing for blah blah and Society.  Citation has got to be wrong.  Sure enough, find article in Gale.

4:49  Time to go.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brett,
reading this makes me want to start the retirement process.

Brett said...

Thanks BC, it's a funny old job, to be sure.