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Working w MF today.  Azaleas are in full bloom.  It's overcast w a chance of rain.

10:00  Open.  Not many waiting.

Which way to do income taxes?

Just the regulars take PC's:  Freestone, Myrna.

Lady in motorized chair, "Where is the tax assistance?"

Older couple, "Where they doin' the tax help?"

Phone:  What Color is Your Parachute?  She wants at branch.

Where is Henderson room? (tax help)

Can't find his PC, point him to it.

PC's for Homer and Peter.

PC for Jerry.

Why doesn't copier work?  Is "asleep", wake it up.

Jerry having trouble w #36.  It's sluggish.  Give him another and test it.  It's got the browser hijack bug.

Copier needs paper.

Now another person has complained about #36.  I guess I'd better shut it down, put in a call.

Couple want to renew interlibrary loan, The Man God Uses by Henry and Tom Blackaby.  Send renewal request to lending library, tell them to check next week for new due date.

Where is Downtown Market?

Woman on #58 has got virus, restart PC to wipe.

His music download window is frozen, restart PC.

Where can he search for warehouse jobs online?  Show him our Job Search Center.  He says he'll just buy a newspaper.

Wall Street Journal.

Today's Democrat.

Phone:  When is today's FSU baseball game?  What was the score from last night's game?

He's new in town, on unemployment, living at the Shelter, wants to get job training.  Give him info on Lively Technical Center.

Where is PC 63?

Tax help man says hi, says it's been slow.

L. is here, time for lunch.

Tuna sandwich & Kristin Lavransdatter.

Back, M. goes.

Edwin wants to see what we have by Joyce Meyer.  Reserves Power Thoughts:  12 Strategies To Win The Battle Of The Mind.

Returns copies of Democrat.

Man is being sneaky about printing, sending jobs to printer, walking away to reading area, coming back to get them.  I catch his eye to let him know I'm on to him, and take the paper from the printer feed tray.  He packs up and leaves.

Lit crit on Harry Crews?  Show Literature Resource Center.

M. is back from lunch, going to clean off her desk, I'll stay out here.

Phone:  Gators are playing Butler in NOLA today, where is Butler University?  Who named for?  Is in Indianapolis, founded in 1855 by abolitionist Ovid Butler.

Different Seasons by Stephen King, take to shelf.

Mom and son: have we received Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz yet?  Not yet, on order.  How will they know?  Is first time they've reserved a book.  Set her up for e-mail notification.

1:52  Cloudy and breezy out.

Can she check out DVD's up here at the self-check machine?  No sorry, books only.  Says they won't check her out downstairs, she's already got her limit of DVD's checked out.  Sorry, can't help her, what they say goes.

Man wonders if I can name a song if he sings a bit of the melody.  Doesn't ring a bell.  I tell him I'm not much help with current music, unless he knows a line of the lyrics I can search on.  He says he had the iPhone app that can identify tunes, but he accidentally deleted it.

When he leaves, another man tells me the man was following him around.  He seemed a little manic, but was friendly enough.  He's gone now.

Last Sunday's real estate section from the paper.

Phone:  Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D'Adamo.  Find on cart, put on hold for her.

PC's for Josh, Carol.

Today's NYT.

Returns Democrat.

He can't find Final Exit by Derek Humphry on the shelf.  Only copy at this location is in Large Print, take to shelf.  He says that will do.

Books on meteorology?  Take to shelf.

Phone:  It's Not Me, It's You by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor.  Is in transit to main from a branch, where it was turned in today.  She doesn't want to reserve it, will come in Monday.

Where is public phone?  Make change for a dollar.

PC for Antoine.

3:00  L. leaves.  Her last day with us as a volunteer!  She got a position at one of the branches.  We'll miss her!

C., a tax help volunteer, leaves us some Krispy Kreme donuts on her way out.  Give them to M. to take down to Circulation

"Something's wrong with this computer, I can't get the Internet to go!"  She wants to go to Google.  Get her to Google.

Books on personality types.  Find him several based on Myers-Briggs test.

3:30  Somewhat quiet.

NADA Official Used Car Guide, will use at desk.

Help her open and print an e-mail attachment.

Do we have a pen?  Hers ran out of ink.

PC for Cheryl.

Where is stapler?  Attachment woman thanks me.

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  Take her to shelf.

3:58  Thunder.

Phone:  Wants to know about calcium silicate, an anti-caking additive to salt.  An older man with a "New Jersey" accent, he goes on to talk at length, comparing local health food stores, asking about my work,  It's quiet, so I indulge him for ten minutes or so.

It's raining, 30 min. to closing.

PC for Kashika.

Rain has stopped.

PC for Ruby.

Help man w e-mail.  "Send" in his courseware e-mail launches a spell-check window that instantly minimizes to taskbar.  He needs to reopen it, approve or skip changes before he can send.

Help woman w self-check station.  Use library bar code, not bar code on back cover.

Help woman print PowerPoint handouts.  When opening .ppt in browser, rather than natively in PowerPoint, File>Print will not offer PowerPoint
options like handouts, (6 slides per page).  She needs to right-click on slide and choose Print to get those choices.

15 min. to closing.

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