B&R Roundup

Sorry, I haven't posted anything substantial this month.  I've been absorbed with personal and uninteresting stuff:  being a "legislative spouse" for my wife, who has been chained to her desk at the state capitol during the two-month legislative session, and Lent, quitting smoking at 57, (10 days smoke-free  so far).  I've also grown weary of the recent news topics.  I wish I lived in the days when it took weeks to hear news from distant places.

I'm reading Red Jade, the third of Henry Chang's crime novels featuring Detective Jack Yu.  This is a great series, with a unique, insider's portrait of New York City's Chinatown.

My turn for a book display last week.  April is National Humor Month, says Chase's Calendar of Events.  Dave Barry, Kevin Nealon, Roy Blount, Paula Poundstone, other recent stuff from Dewey 814 to 818.  When I came in today after the weekend, everything I'd pulled was gone.  Work the comic novel angle, pull Jonathan Coe, James Wilcox, Stephen Fry, and others.

Public Access Internet:  it feels like we've pretty much caved to the amazing resistance to or inability to apply for a library card.  If they don't have a card, we ask their name and issue a guest pass.  It is not worth making a fuss about whether they've already had a session, when they can go back and forth between Media on the first floor and us in Adult Services.


Steerforth said...

Well done on giving up smoking. I once read that the trick is to say to yourself that you are now a non-smoker, not an ex.

I tried it when I gave up and it worked for me. I stopped, went cold turkey and after a couple of weeks, completely lost the craving.

You body must be 'detoxed' by now, so you'll soon be out of the woods.

Jules Aimé said...

"I've also grown weary of the recent news topics." I hear you brother. It's really an invasion of privacy whereby journalists force us to take things more seriously than we should.

Red Jade sounds fascinating. I'll have to look it up.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Brett. Although it's a difficult process to stop your reward will be great. BC