Another Working Day

By Wednesday, the press of need at the service desk that we see at the beginning of the week slackens, and today I caught up with the requests queue.  In the workroom, I boxed Baker & Taylor lease book returns, marking them on my inventory list.

I had a request from a journalist in New York for Associated Press football polls ranking small college teams in 1967.  He had been unable to get them at the NYPL or from AP, and somehow found that they had been published in our local newspaper, the Tallahassee Democrat.  They appeared here because Florida A&M was one of those small colleges.  I found all the polls he wanted save one on our microfilm, scanned them, and e-mailed them to him.  The missing one I found in the Billings (Montana) Gazette, using the Access Newspaper Archive.

A grey-goateed father approached.  He needed The Lady and the Tiger, by Frank Stockton, for his daughter, and couldn't find it in our catalog.  It rang a bell.  The title was actually The Lady or the Tiger? And Other Stories.  Another student had asked for it in the last year, and I remembered that it was a tattered paperback shelved in the paperback fantasy carousels.  It is not really fantasy, but a fable and a puzzle.  You can read it at Archive.org if you are curious.

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