Sony Reader On Order

I should have a Sony Reader PRS-T1 soon.  Clearing off her desk at work, R. found an American Express Rewards catalog .  We had more than enough Rewards points to order one, and it won't cost me a penny.

Why the Sony?  From what I have read, it's supposed to handle PDF's better than the other e-readers, and alone among the non-tablet, e-ink display, wi-fi e-readers, it has a fully-functioning browser, which should allow me to "accept" the Internet policy screen at the library and get wireless access.

It has a "touch" interface, which lets you "swipe" the screen to turn a page, and "pinch" to change the "font", (type face), size.  I'm afraid this goes against the grain for me, continually smudging the screen with my fingers.  I think you can do these things with the buttons as well.

The wireless access is not very important to me.  I do not have a wireless network at home, and I'm not a business traveler who needs hot spots in hotels and airports.  In fact, before R. found the Rewards catalog, I was looking at the non-wireless, and very cheap, Slick 50 e-reader, which is sold by Sears.  I even went to the local Sears store to see if they had one to look at, but they didn't.

It is not a touch device, and it has a larger, 7 inch, display than the other e-readers.  But because it can play video it has a back-lit screen, like the new Kindle Fire and the Nook Color.

I don't watch movies and listen to music alone.  I mostly watch television or listen to the radio with R., as a shared activity.  Reading is what I do alone, and I really wanted to try the e-ink display, though it seems to be losing ground with Amazon and Barnes & Noble chasing after the iPad with their latest offerings.

At any rate, I should soon have the Sony, and begin to get some actual experience with an e-reader.  I have gone about as far as I can go just reading about them.

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All You Can Books said...

I bought a Sony e-reader one month ago and I absolutely love it! I also read many reviews and feedback about this devices and many people said that it has better features than other e-readers so I give it a try. I have only praise words about this interesting gadget. I can read my favorite books and have them in just one place. Good luck with your new toy ;))