A.N. Wilson on the Kindle

From an interview by William Skidelsky in the Guardian/Observer, AN Wilson: 'Everyone writes in Tolstoy's shadow' :
Do you have a Kindle?
I do, but funnily enough it's very difficult to get any books on it you actually want. The first thing I thought I'd put on it was Froude's Life of Carlyle, which is one of my favourite biographies, but it's quite impossible. Then you try to download the Pléiade Proust rather than some crap Proust and you can't. Then I downloaded the complete works of Yeats, and the poems give out halfway through. So I think it's of very limited use. It's fine for aeroplanes and trains but it won't replace the dear old book.
Is the e-reader the new "mass-market paperback"?  The NYT e-book bestseller list certainly suggests it.  Top downloads currently include the pornographic fan-fiction Twilight series spin-off, the Fifty Shades trilogy, which the library is so far declining to purchase in print.

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