I can smell wood smoke in the midnight air, sitting on the porch.  It has been very dry.  I don't like to water, but I did today, as the ferns under the camphor tree on the front lawn were looking singed..  My Lilies of the Nile have put out few flowers this spring.


Jules Aimé said...

You may think this crazy, but from Canada your post today is like reading something from an exotic foreign land, like a peep into Ali Baba's cave.

The only way I could grow a camphor tree would be in a (very large) greenhouse.

Brett said...

Camphor trees are not often found here, but where they are planted they thrive. My property had several large ones when I bought it.

They are attractive shade trees. The robins feast on the berries in winter. But they also drop a lot of debris, leaves and sticks, and seedlings must be vigilantly uprooted.