A Job At Popeyes

A woman wondered how she might print out a paper job application for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants, the fried chicken chain.  I was doubtful, explaining that most jobs these days need to be applied for online.

I was pretty sure that this would be the case, but she had talked to someone at the local Popeyes over on Tennessee Street who said that she could print out a paper application to hand in.  She said they told her she could do this at the library.  Was I saying that this was not so?

What was going on here was that the woman had no computer skills and wanted to get a job at Popeyes.  I've complained here before about the unfairness of requiring people to apply online for jobs involving "manual labor".  Just having to apply for and check an e-mail account is often too much to ask of these job-seekers.  I had to try for her.

Would she like me to see if I could print out the application for her?  She smiled with relief, and confessed her lack of computer skills.

I tried the careers page at Popeyes.com.  It said Go to your local Popeyes for current openings >, but that took me to a MapQuest search which listed locations only for directions and coupons.  There was no way to see job openings.  Looking now at home, I still can't see how you apply for a job online with Popeyes through their own web site.

It looks like it is possible through Snagajob.  I recently helped some people looking for jobs at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and they were told to go through Snagajob, so maybe Snagajob is the up and coming fast-food job hiring portal.

I was showing the woman my dead-end search at the Popeyes site when a male friend arrived who knew how to find the fabled Popeyes application.  You searched for "Popeyes application pdf", he said, and those were indeed the magic words.  The application, from a site called NowHiring.com, looked fake to me, but I printed it out, and the woman was happy.

"Who knows?", I thought, "Maybe this is how it works at Popeyes."  I can't imagine how many applications they would get online if their web site offered an obvious way to apply.  If the person at the local Popeyes said to print one out and hand it in, I have to believe it.  It is probably what they can handle on a day-to-day basis, and I say good for them.

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