All Quiet

It's the end of the beginning of the school term.  Course syllabuses and PowerPoint outlines have been printed.  Calls about whether the library has course textbooks have been taken.  Deadlines for midterm assignments are comfortably in the future.

I took a call last week from a man in Georgia who wanted photocopies of our newspaper clippings on the Rosewood Massacre, in which a black settlement near Cedar Key, Florida  was wiped out by racial violence in 1923.  His grandmother had some connection, and he wanted to make  a scrapbook for her.  Our clippings  date from the 1990's, when survivors of the massacre successfully sued the State of Florida for compensation.  It was a lot of work to sort out the file and copy the articles, but I got them in the mail Tuesday afternoon.

I am finishing up my semi-annual lease returns to Baker & Taylor.  The workroom is stacked high with boxes of last year's fiction bestsellers.

Freestone Wilson raved to me about a free Internet radio program, RadioSure.  I downloaded it, and it is a nice player.

I'm still reading around in Orwell's essays and letters, as well as some criticism in Gale's Literature Resource Center, (Dugan, Lawrence. "Orwell and Catholicism." Modern Age 48.3 (2006): 226+) .  I found his diaries online, where you can subscribe to daily entries from 70, (!) years ago.

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