The Hunger

I had a dream a few nights ago.  I was trying to buy cigarettes at a drugstore.  I tried to buy a pack of Camel Lights, (my old brand), but was unable to make it happen.  I was finally able to buy a pack of Turkish Special cigarettes.  But when I tried to smoke one, it swelled up and became hollowed out and unusable.  Oh my...

I haven't thought of Turkish Specials in a long time.  I used to treat myself to them occasionally.  When?  I can't remember.  It must have been when I lived somewhere with a real tobacconist's shop.  Austin, New Orleans?

I always preferred Camels for their spicy Turkish tobacco, but Turkish Specials were even more Turkish, by an order of magnitude, very strong, stinking with nicotine, with none of the aromatic mildness of the Balkan Sobranies.

I haven't had a smoke since last May, eight months ago. I still take four 4mg nicotine lozenges a day.  I found myself looking online for somewhere to order a box of Turkish Specials, until I got hold of myself.

At the library's staff entrance, I passed KG, and told her how good her cigarette smelled.  Had I quit, she asked?  Yes, I confessed, (who else would tell someone that her cigarette smelled good?).

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