Bog Body Crime Fiction

Reading Pat McIntosh's The Rough Collier, the fifth in her medieval Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery series, it occurred to me that this was the third crime novel with a "bog body" as a plot device that I had read in recent months.  Bernard Knight's Grounds for Appeal has a corpse turn up in a Welsh bog.  In Elly Griffiths's first Ruth Galloway Mystery, Crossing Places, an Iron Age body is uncovered in a Norfolk marsh.

I had to wonder how many murder mystery novels featured bodies, recent or ancient, in bogs.  (Enough for a display?)  After some searches this afternoon, I have found enough to make a list, but not enough for a display, unless as a subset of mysteries featuring mummified corpses of all kinds.  I suppose there must be lots of mysteries with Egyptian mummies, and possibly some set in the American Southwest, but I haven't checked.

Ashford, Lindsay - Death Studies
Bolton, S. J. - Sacrifice
Brodgen, James - Hekla's Children (2017)
Connolly, Sheila - Buried in a Bog  (2013)
Dunne, Patrick - A Carol for the Dead
Griffiths, Elly - The Crossing Places
Hart, Erin - Haunted Ground, Lake of Sorrows, The Book of Killowen
Kenyon, Michael - Peckover and the Bog Man
Knight, Bernard - Grounds for Appeal
Lewis, Roy - Dead Secret
May, Peter - The Lewis Man
McIntosh, Pat - The Rough Collier
Melton, Nina - In the Moors (A Shaman Mystery)
Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Bog
Rickman, Phil - The Man in the Moss
Skerrett, Judith - Kael:  The body in the bog
Talbot, Michael - The Bog

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