Another Monday At The Public Library

Coming in the door as I unlocked it this morning, a man told me that there were yellow jackets near the entrance there on the second floor.  I told him I would pass it along, and returned to the desk for the opening rush of calls and walk-ups.  I tried calling T., who is normally in charge of getting some men to come and deal with something, but she was not there.  I tried a couple of other people in administration.  No answer.  The week before Labor Day, it seemed a lot of people were off.  I thought I would just see these yellow jackets for myself, and went outside.  There is a large planter there on the landing, and the plants in it had bloomed with little white flowers.  Bees were collecting nectar from the flowers.  Not a yellow jacket in sight.  I was glad I had not reported it.

A lot of requests for Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias by Jane Velez-Mitchell, about a woman whose trial for a shocking murder has been heavily covered on television.

Speaking of which, J., a regular caller, retired native of the Bronx, ("but don't tell anyone!"), and dedicated watcher of "court TV", phoned to find out the opening day for the new Tallahassee location of Whole Foods Market.  I would not have heard of Jodi Arias had not J. filled me in.  J. makes the rounds of natural foods stores, and often calls for more information on new construction in Tallahassee.  There are a lot of new chain restaurants being built here now.

A woman came in from Americorps, directed here by the Tallahassee Democrat.  She was looking for an employment ad they had run in August 2010 in the classifieds.  Unfortunately, our ProQuest archive of the Democrat does not include advertisements.  I set her up with the microfilm viewer.  After lunch she came back and said she had looked at August and July 2010, with no luck.  She had hoped to use the ad as a model for a new one, and was not sure what she wanted to do now.

Mr. L., the church and school supplies dealer, wanted a contact for the Tallahassee chapter of Woodmen of the World.  He had read that they were donating a U.S. flag and pole for the opening of a new city facility, and thought he might sell them a flag and pole.

Blind Man Who Cooks called, wanting a simple recipe for rice pudding, which I supplied from The Joy of Cooking.  I could hear his Braille machine clacking as I read it to him.  The basic recipe didn't include eggs, which he thought he remembered, so I gave him the "Swedish" variant, which did include eggs.

And so it goes, world without end, amen.

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