Seeing Again & Old Newspapers

After a couple of years of deteriorating vision, and five eye surgeries over the last 14 months for cataracts and corneal transplants, I can at last see again!  For a librarian, this is a pretty big deal.  Add to this my recent acquisition of a smartphone with a decent camera, and I find I'd rather share pictures than write.

Our little Christmas tree
Fried cheese-grits, ham & egg, a Southern man's delight.
This was a black A.M.E. church, across the street from the library, now the offices of a non-profit org.  An ancient mossy live oak tree in front.
From Ancestral Voices, the first volume of the diaries of James Lees-Milne, I find an observation that has often come to me while browsing old newspapers on microfilm, "He only reads eighteenth-century newspapers, of which he has an enormous stock, for he says the news in them is just the same as it is today.  You merely have to substitute the names of countries occasionally, and not invariably."

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