Blogging Reference, Saturday

10:00 a.m.: Doors open.

"Someone turn in a seat cushion I left here yesterday? A camouflage seat cushion?" (No.)

Magnifying glass.

"Do you have an automotive repair section?" Replace O2 Sensor on '94 Taurus. (Chilton database, Mitchell guide.)

Mrs. Stivers, whom I haven't seen in years, former Chaires Elementary schoolteacher and bookmobile patron, now retired: Where are Jim Butcher Dresden Files titles? Catalog says "on shelf". Horror, mystery, sci-fi? (PB Fantasy carousels.)

Me: "You might want to try our electric stapler. That's pretty thick for a hand stapler."
Him: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

"Where's the first floor, down here?"
Me: "That's right, next one down."

"Do you have any paper? I want to write something down." (Scrap paper in wire basket.)

"So if you have to copy, it's ten cents a page?" Counts pages. "If you have a lot of pages, you have to pay for every single page?" (Yes.)

"It, (the self-checkout machine), says take book to librarian." (Book belongs to branch, and is in transit. Override and checkout.)

"Do you have two pieces of paper and a pencil?"

11:00 a.m.: Sunny & cool. Game day, FSU v. Virginia Tech, 3:30 kick-off.

"May I put these, (DVD's), in the book return?" (Yes.)

PC for James.

#58 won't print. (Cancel job & try again.)

"If I am at #61, where will my print commands go?"

"Where is your Henderson Room?" (Tallahassee Zeta Archonettes.)

Phone request for Sgt. Frog and Negima! anime books.

Self-checkout won't scan book. (Scan at desk.)
What happened to his request for Team of Rivals? (Note on card: unfilled letter returned. Verify address. Place hold again.)
What are we going to do about the urine and stench on the Park Avenue stairs? (Have him fill out a complaint card.)

PC for Franz.

PC for Kenneth.

PC for Penny.

PC for Michael.

12:00: Lunch.

12:30-1:00 p.m.: Staff Media desk so S. can eat.

1:10 p.m.: back.

"Can I have a pencil and paper?"

10 minute wait now for PC's.

PC for James. Explain it's his second session. Won't give him another unless no one is waiting.

"I'm new here. Is there a Kroger grocery store here?" (No.)

"Do you have Meridon, by Philippa Gregory?" (Not on shelf, did not want to reserve it. Set missing.)

Regular returns paper.

Magnifying glass? (Somebody's got it.)

D. goes off to get Michael to bring back the magnifying glass.

Man wants to find article in April 12, 2008 issue of the Democrat that reported event at the Clifford Hill Cemetery. Wants it because it listed the address of the cemetery. Article not in NewsBank. Cemetery not in phone book and not online. Offer to set him up with microfilm, but he is reluctant. Get it set up, and now he's not sure it was April 12. He doesn't have time to browse the microfilm. This is going nowhere. Time to bail. He says he'll ask someone who might know the address.

Magnifying glass returned.

Man can't print doc from FAMU BlackBoard, a notoriously frustrating site. (Show him how to copy & paste into Word.)

"Do you know who wrote The Secret Life of Bees and do you have a copy?" (20 copies, 27 holds.) "Because of the movie?" (Yes.)

PC for Malik.

PC for George.

"Do you know where the Science Museum is?"

2:50 p.m.: Hustling, too busy to blog... Let's see...

More paper in printer.

Phone request for Fun Food to Tickle Your Mood: a cookbook for children who cherish the earth. Austin: Piccadilli Press, 1992. (Do not own, 41 libraries own, but ILL would take too long.)

PC for Ms. Hall.

Where can a study group sit and talk and use WiFi? (Schedule for Henderson Room at 3:30.)

Today's paper.

Library Assistant reports complaint about noisy study group. Explain that they are waiting for a room, sorry, I won't shush them.

Deputy Capece heaves into view off the stairs, rolling like a sailor, surveys first floor from railing.

Dad & daughter: "We're looking for the junior non-fiction section."

Woman wants to email herself a doc from her laptop and get a PC to print it out. (Ok.)

"Do you have Why I am a Jew?", says thin woman with gravelly voice, struggling with leg in cast and tubular aluminum walker. (No, show her section on Judaism.) Am I Jewish? Their father is an atheist, but they should make up their own minds. She is Reform.

Phone: Does the Lake Jackson Branch have Forever, by Judy Blume? What's their number?

Phone: Where is Diana Ross on the list of greatest female recording artists? (Been a while since she, [some say he], has called, always with this anxious question about the standing of Diana Ross.)

Run off copy of county job application.

Put new roll in reservation printer.

Phone: Do we have Henry Hudgins, by Beverly Cleary? (Transfer to M. in Childrens.)

Put another call on hold.

Where is National Council of Negro Women meeting? (Program Room A.)

Open Henderson Room for study group.

Phone: Do we have The Diabetes Lifestyle Book? (No, take ILL request.)

What does she need to get card?

3:45: Bushed, out to Park Ave. steps for smoke.

PC for John.

PC for Marion.

Help with copier.

Self-checkout didn't give receipt. (Print out record for her. Need to see if paper out. Paper jammed, but almost out.)

Change roll in Self-checkout.

Give intro to Gale database tools.

Cancel unwanted reservation.

PC for Dave.

Phone: What's on the shelf by Carl Weber and Mary B. Morrison? (Hold A Dollar and a Dream and Never Again Once More for Ophelia.)

How to send a file attached to an e-mail in his web-mail in-box.

4:45: Put book on mending shelf, turn off catalog PC's in stacks.

Woman thanks me for db intro. Fortyish returning grad student, struggling with how much school has changed. Sympathize. I too, ten years ago.

Closing at 5:00: Signing out.


mamapajama said...

This makes me tired just reading it! You are a patient guy! I hope Ronda massages your feet when you get home.

I'm not a lurker anymore (at least this time!).


Brett said...

Yay, first comment! No, no foot massages, but Ronda discovered excellent shoes by Ecco. Made in Denmark. She bought me a pair of brown oxfords, and they were so comfortable that I bought another pair in black. The new Rockports.