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Got up early enough to make myself a serious breakfast:  eggs, grits, a slice of Christmas ham from the freezer.  31° up on the hill when I left the house.  R. dropped me off, no scooter this morning!

Five people now at the doors on the second floor just before opening.  Where have they been waiting?

Tax forms were put out on tables yesterday, but AARP help won't begin until Feb.

MF is with me this a.m.

10:00  We see people coming up the stairs, but the opening announcement has not been made.  Oh well...  Open the doors, maybe ten folks now.  Some gasp with relief to be out of the cold.

Will get card Tuesday, but what to do now for PC?  Wait til 5 after for guest pass.

Repair manual for '94 Camaro.  Have Haynes manual.  Show Mitchell books, auto repair db.

ASVAB* book, all are out.  Show test prep db, reserve book.  Have Malay language resources?  No.  Is taking Malay test for Army.

Camaro guy & wife met friend as we finished, and they are deep in car talk, laughing and smiling.

Today's Paper, take ID.

Phone:  Numbers for Wizard Business Center, Centerville Mart, Circle K.

Today's paper? Is out.

PC for Greg, help find site for Agency for Workforce Innovation.

Phone: early titles by Tracie Peterson or under her pseudonym, Janelle Jamison.  No luck.

10:41  PC's are pretty full for a Sat. morn.  23 people.  Freestone is there, Australian Myrna.

Doll books?  Has Effanbee doll.  We find material in several books.  She's excited.  Doll is 70 yrs. old, was her own.  I say I'll check at desk for Internet info.

Puzzled man asks if Windows is meant to shut down after session.  Explain yes, PC's shut down, wipe all and start clean.

Distinguished older gent w felt hat & coat asks about story he heard as boy, The Man Without a Country.  Has idea that Guantanamo detainees could be put permanently on ship.  Yes, was not actually true story.  Written by Edward Everett Hale.  I go to pull it.  Not there!  Pull out books, find it fallen in back.  Small, old blue cloth-bound vol w Riverside Press piper logo stamped on front,1951.  He doesn't want to read the whole thing, wants summary.  Print out summary from Wikipedia.  I heard the same story as a boy, and also thought it was true.  Hale was a Northern clergyman, wrote it during the Civil War to shame the South.

Effanbee lady is back.  Have found co.'s web site and collector info at About.com.  Company has number to call for doll ID and doll hospital.  Does she know which doll she has?  No.  "It's got a music box inside, and it still works!"  Give her the print-outs.  "This has been a day of learning!", she says to herself as she turns away.


Help woman print out map of Gambia from CIA World Factbook.

Phone:  MS Office 2003 book, really simple?  Have Dummies book.  Hold for Anita.

PC for Michelle.

PC for Bill.

PC for Brandon.

12:05  L. is here, time for lunch.

1:02  Back and v busy.

Opened Henderson Room for Democratic Club.

Help English woman find painting books.

Woman in coat and scarf remarks at length upon the cold weather, asks about tax help.

Where is Henderson Room?

K. asks to renew ILL's, then changes mind and turns one in.

Refill display from New Book shelves.

Get woman started w catalog search.

The Intuitive Way: A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom by Penney Pierce, don't own, take ILL request.  What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by E. Lynn Harris, not on shelf.  She'll pick up copy at branch.

PC for Tim.

Ford Country by Grisham, True Blue by Baldacci, place holds.  Where is other Baldacci?  Usually uses LJ branch.

1:37  Working in back, finishing poster for natural history display.  What to call it?  Natural History?  No, "history" is off-putting, dry.  The Discovery of Nature?  No, "discovery" is so overused now, sounds like a science museum for kids, or tv channel.  Going with "A Passion for Nature".

3:10  L. left at three.  Finished the display, made circuit of 2nd floor.  All is well.  Democrats still holding forth in Henderson Room.

3:26  Too busy to blog.  Tried to help man find picture of large lizard he saw in Belize in Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, but failed.  He couldn't remember what they called it, will call friends and find out.

Chinese woman wants Rockin' in Time:  A Social History of Rock 'n' Roll.

First book to go from display is Winter World:  the Ingenuity of Animal Survival by Bernd Heinrich.

Take man back to look for poker books, hear tremendous bumping and squealing, laughing sounds.  Three girl teens have set up chairs in aisle w laptops.  Ask them to quiet down, will have to move chairs: ADA rules.  They are contrite.

Democrat woman says they're done w room.

Printer problem, several peoples' jobs not going to queue.  It says "Ready", but does nothing.  Get people to cancel all their jobs, turn printer off/on.  Now it works.  It was just silently freaking out w too many jobs.

4:05  Still too busy to blog.

Put new roll of paper in PC Reservation printer.

Man wants PC, says has card, but not with him, yet wants to choose one on first floor.  Is incentive to bring card, say I, and he knows it, being a regular.  Gave card to son.  Bring card, I insist, get son his own card.

Boy wants The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.  Clever lad even checked the carts, seeing its status was "reshelving".  Find in check-in room.

Why's her son have reservation for only 15 minutes?  Because library closes at 5.

Pull a couple more for display back-stock by Bernd Heinrich, Summer World:  A Season of Bounty and The Trees in My Forest.  Hear 30 min. closing announcement.

Out of Gas on Lover's Leap by Mark St. Germain, a play.  Nope.

15 min. announcement.

Pick up magazines, papers, turn off PC's.

*Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

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