The View From My Desk

I don't actually have my own office.  I share a "workroom annex" with three others of our seven reference librarians.  But I have a very nice corner desk with my own floor-to-ceiling east window to look out of.  The photos were taken Friday morning with the little Vivitar mini-cam.  There had been sleet in the early morning, and it was very cold outside.

A barren crape myrtle in the foreground, with a magnolia outside the program rooms on the first floor.


Panning right, the back of The Columns, one of the oldest structures in Tallahassee, dating from 1830.  Ante-bellum townhouse of wealthy planter Benjamin Chaires, then a bank.  It was the first home of this library in the 1950's, then a boarding house, before it was moved a block to its current location, where it houses the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

I wondered whether these shots would "look" cold.  I think they succeed, no?

Panning left, the south wall of the library's east wing, where, on the second floor, non-fiction is located.  Taken later, after the sky had cleared.

Now you have looked out my office window!

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