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Most Holy and Adorable Trinity, I praise you and give you thanks for all the favors you have bestowed upon me.  Your goodness has preserved me until now.

Summer.  I scooted to work through empty streets.  A very hot, dry spell has been broken by brief thunderstorms this week.

10:00  Open.

PC for Nathan.

Where are Christian books?  Anything by James P. Knox?  No, but show him the section.

PC for Larry.

Ron K., (retired colleague), says hello.  Was disappointed by The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips, in spite of the good review in the NYT.  He had not seen a NYT in a while.  Just buys the Summer movies issue.  Was surprised to see the new e-book bestseller lists.

Make sound work on his PC.

Where is Henderson Room?  Is meeting people to study chemistry.  Make sure room is open.

She wonders if Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington is available in large print.  No, just regular print.

PC for Monea.

Do our netbooks have CD drives?  Call SW in Media.  No.

PC for Sonya.

Can he use his own card stock in our copier?  Not a good idea.  He wants to make 2-sided Father's Day cards.

Today's and Friday's newspaper.

What time do we close?

PC's for James, Ron.

He wants two new Cussler titles, The Kingdom and The Race.  Place holds.

Where is Consumer Reports?

When does issue of Forbes on best mutual funds come out?  I try at Forbes online, our db's, do searches.  Come up empty.  Embarrassing...

Where are books on CD?

Returns USA Today.  Likes my shoes.


Today's paper.

Why can't she print?  Her browser has crashed.

12:50  Back from lunch.  Started The Grass Harp by Truman Capote.

PC for Patrice.

Phone:  Where do they give the GED test in Gadsden County?  She wants to help her cousin, who dropped out of school.

MF goes to lunch.

Where is a water fountain?  (Our water fountain on the second floor broke.)

How to spell magnolia.

Can he have some glue to repair his book?  Give him my bottle of Elmer's and some rubber bands.

Where is her print job?

Glue man wants to see Bible reference works.  Take him to the section, and when we get there, another man looks lost.  He too is looking for the Bible section.

PC's for Andy, Gene.

Phone:  Where can she get an analog converter box?

He says the sound and USB ports in front don't work.  He's got his stuff plugged in back.  Need to test it later.

PC for Chloe.

He can't find Spymasters by W.E.B. Griffin on the shelf.  It isn't out yet.  2012 pub date.

PC's for George, Johnny, Lee.  Johnny and Lee have just come from Washington.  Lee can't believe how hot it is, is happy to be in the air-conditioning.

Can she renew her interlibrary loan, Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life by Keri Smith?  Send the request, ask her to call Monday and talk to K.

PC's for Chulesia, Deb, Robert.  Deb says she's freezing!  I know, it IS cold.

Phone:  The number for Haverty's Furniture

Phone:  What is ethnic origin of Jackie Evancho, child star?  Ukrainian or Slovak, people say.

How can he find dissertations on ethics and sports?

"My mouse froze."

Tell Susan she has to wait 30 min. to get another PC.  She is online all day when we're not busy, watching political speeches by President Obama and others.

PC's for Michael and Mike.

PC for Vincent.

PC for Daniel.

He wants to check today's newspaper.

Phone:  Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  Copies available at branches.  Place hold for pick-up here.

PC's for Cameron, Janet.

Deb wants Wite-Out®.  Give her Liquid Paper®

PC for Alex.

If she checks out a book from the second floor, does she have to let us know before she takes it down to check out?  (No.)

Mom w stroller wants books on childbirth and parenting.  Take to shelf.

Show him where his printer is.

PC for Brett.

Fill printer with paper.

PC for Vincent

4:00  Finished inputting today's materials requests from our database.  These are requests, submitted online by web form, for materials not in the library catalog, to be filled by purchase or by interlibrary loan.  It's a new responsibility I've taken on since DL retired, trading it for the job of AskaLibrarian virtual reference coordinator, which had become wearisome after eight years.

PC for Kay.

Make round of floor.  Straighten 338's.  Tarot woman is back to using her old, large Celtic Sacred Circle deck.  She had bought a new Hanson-Roberts deck.  Push chairs into carrels.  All quiet.

4:22  Check out three books for my week off:  The Grass Harp by Truman Capote, Not Untrue & Not Unkind by Ed O'Loughlin, and Netherland by Joseph O'Neill.

PC for Scott.

PC for Antonio.

Complaint that iBoss, the county's new Internet filter, is blocking MyYearbook, a social network.  Yep, it is.  MyYearbook looks ok to me.  Apologize for the inconvenience, tell him they are still working out the kinks.

30 min. announcement.

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