We'll Meet Again No More

We had a party today to  celebrate the retirement of K. and M. in Collection Management.  I didn't know K. well, but she had been a cataloger since the '70's, at FSU and then with us.  Her extended family seemed to fill half the room.  I had been close with M. in circulation when I started at the library in '89 in the former J. Byron's space at the Northwood Mall.  We used to smoke together in the mall parking lot.  The library moved to the new building in '91, I left circulation to run the bookmobile in '92, and M. escaped to Collection Management some years later.

I spent most of the afternoon moving 40 cartons of rental book returns down to the parking garage for pick-up next Wednesday.  Good to have them out of the workroom.

A woman wants the "Book of Thomas", says it addresses the childhood of Jesus.  She can only mean the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, which is readily available online.  But since she doesn't have an e-mail address, I send a request for The Apocryphal New Testament to interlibrary loan.

MC departs for a much-needed week off at Chincoteague Island in Virginia.  I must stand in for her at the weekly management meeting next week.

I am enormously enjoying William Boyd's novel, Restless.  There and in Any Human Heart, Boyd displays an understanding of the revolutionary currents of the '70's.

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