Stan Rogers - The Jeannie C.

We were enjoying The Midnight Special this evening, a folk music program on public radio, and this was the final selection.  I had never heard of Stan Rogers, a Canadian singer/songwriter who died tragically in 1983, but his marvelous voice made me sit up and listen.


MK said...

Oh, wow Brett!!! Stan Rogers is my very favoritest singer--was raised on him--Dad used to play him in his bookstore. I have a couple of his CDs (hehe, and records, which is how I first heard him); "Fogarty's Cove" and "From Fresh Water" are the best, "Northwest Passage" is close behind!

Brett said...

I thought you might know him, being from the North Country. I can see that I've got some great music ahead of me! Of the singers I know, he reminds me a bit of Dick Gaughan, a Scottish musician.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to know, being a reference librarian and HUGE Fan of Stan, what exactly is going on with "The Jeanie C." Was the boat sealed with Elmer's Glue? Seriously, I'd like to know why it came apart. "Strike it did like thunder." Strike WHAT?

Steve from Stockbridge