Here Comes The Rain Again

This August has been the wettest that I can remember.  While the middle of the country has been drought-stricken, here in North Florida it has rained and rained, in a month that is normally very dry and hot.

I had today off, and after taking Mr. Claudius out for a good long while, I worked for a couple of hours hauling fallen branches and sticks to the curb for pick-up.  Yes, Branches and Rain, it shall be ever thus.

And a good thing, too, that those branches needed removing.  I felt so low-down when I woke up.  My morning prayer was distracted.  I might as well have been reading a grocery list.  The only thing to do was to work and sweat and forget myself.

I picked some chanterelle mushrooms.  It's been a good year for them, with all the rain, but I've let them go until now.  After that it was easy:  a shower, lunch, and a nap.

And now, Isaac, which looks to moisten some Republicans at their convention in Tampa on its way North.  Will Isaac become a hurricane?

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